Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Befitting Persuasion

The silence
when the sun sets
and you know winter has arrived.
The howls of a stray dog
ripples the silhouette, disturbing the trance
we stare across the abyss,
the world has failed us both,
in degrees and extents.
Until yesterday become tomorrow,
look at me, as slyly as you can.
Let your eyes fall upon the nude
words of a recluse
and melt.
Befitting persuasion 
into words, like lovemaking-
the kind that makes you gasp,
makes you sink your head, your soul
deep within.
In the pages of my notebook,
you shall remain, like a blot of ink-
an incomplete thought, or an inspiration
to yet another 
someone, somebody I once knew.

To anybody who understands the connection, this is my tribute to Slyvia Plath. I love her. I live her.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dance India Dance Season4 : Just Move It!

Dance India Dance has to be my most favorite reality television show! It 
is crazzziieee…The kind of dances and dancers it exposes us to! I have 
been a staunch follower ever since the Season1 began. Season 4 brings 
in a fresh element with three young, zestful (and may I add, cute) judges, which refreshes the whole atmosphere of DID.

This season, we get to see

Source: ZEE TV

Indiblogger in association with Zee Tv organized a fabulous bloggers 
event, wherein Mudassar and Feroz Khan came and shook a leg with 
fellow bloggers. Indi meets are already a bout of fun, which when mixed 
with dance, resulted in one awesome meet.

Dancing is not seen as a career, nowadays. However, we youngsters 
have a flair for it, western or Indian. I trained in Jazz and Salsa for three years. Have choreographed several events for school and college, and music makes my feet tap anywhere and everywhere!

Don’t believe me? See this!


And, of course, be it any occasion, you want entertainment, just play the music! 

I am hooked on to the DID Season4, and one cannot afford to miss the auditions! They are fabulous!
What’s your take?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Be The Change You Wish To See

The post was awarded as one of the winners~! More power~!

If given a chance, to decide for this land
And for its people, what change I would like to see,
I would ask for the freedom to accept each other
To be equals in the truest being.
Security for women has become the butt of all jokes
People love the sarcasm, but who really steals the show?
Children prone to the adversities, even before they are told
What does life promise for them, when today doesn’t really know?
If I could bring in the change, I would
Count the stars and teach my people
The goodness of this land, and yet let them know
It all comes from within us, the good, bad, new and the old.
I want free education, online and offline
And for it, not to be sold.
More free courses, and webinars
Aided to the slums, the by-lanes in wheels and carts.
The last decade has seen the greatest of technological innovations
Made people come closer and yet,
There are many to whom, the distance itself isn’t a number
But like a walk without a pair of slippers.
A handful of roses with thorns enrolled.
I will make stricter laws for thefts and burglary,
And those convicted, would be taken to old age homes
Kept in service, for months across
Till they see, how innocent lives suffer from the disease called loneliness.
I am an ‘aam aurat’, what can I do
People question my power like they own it for sure,
To them I ask, who are they and can they make things any better?
I may be a tiny speck in this arid land
But I know I am flying in the wind,
Without me, the wind cannot turn rain into this land,
Which is quenched for that, what was long promised.
Justice delayed is justice denied, why wait when you can Vote,
Vote for the right, I demand, and take up the responsibility
For the sake of mankind. I will, won’t you?

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with

In This Closeted Room

I fall into your eyes


the leaves brush past

this tiny window, in this closeted room

on the fourth floor of an infamous lane.

I find comfort in this change of scenery.

From leaves, armed

and  fallen to dust.

You must have fallen from the edge

of reality, like sun rays on my skin?

Thank you WriteTribe and Vidya for the prompt!

55 on Friday #WriteTribe

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Out Of This World!

Dear Mother,

It has been a long long time and the miles between us are too many to count. In fact, by the time you get to read this letter, I will be with you, in another world where immortality resides. It gives me great pleasure to inform you that Dad has left behind him, a treasure of information with the help of which I along with some of my new friends here have developed a scheme of survival for the human race. But before I update you on all that, know that dad and I are deeply sorry for not letting you know about this trip beforehand. It was a critical top-rank secret agreement between Sheen, Inde, Russa and Qazahstan to counter the destruction caused by the Unitary States of Anster. The carbon footprint was exceeded by 50 million tones, Ma. It was a catastrophe, what happened after that. Thousands of innocent lives were pushed to diseases, pain and poverty. I am sure, the situation after almost 20 years, is only aggravated. This made the nations decide on a quest to find alternatives to life sustainability and thus, dad was chosen to head this operation of finding a planet other than Earth, that is suitable for human existence.

After some research, dad zeroed down on a few planets, the closest being Venus and Mars which are still extremely hot and the farthest in our solar system being the plutoids, which are terribly cold. Other than our solar system, dad decided to venture out of our galaxy, which was a risk, as it had never been hitherto attempted. However, two of the plutoids have some hope for us, considering they are close to another system, like our solar system. In another 4000 years,  Eris and Makemake are going to become part of a lunar system, where the orbit system is spiral and the centre has a lunar object, yet to be made certain about.

However, this is a huge opportunity for the human race to look at survival options. With the severing conditions on Planet Earth, and as the planets near the Sun are burning down with Mercury becoming part of the Black Hole, it is time that we must initiate plans for evacuation. It’ll be a big task for the nations and I am hoping that at least now, for the good of mankind, the differing nations would forget economics and look at livelihood. Though, I am certain of the loss of life and property shall weigh down more on the poor and penniless. God be with them!

By the time you get this letter Ma, I’d be 60 years old that is, if the letter reaches you. Please do take care of Ruby, she is my best friend here. Dad found Ruby loitering around on a crater at Ceres, an asteroid in between Mars and Jupiter and she was geared up with instruments and food, much like we were. She also has a space station there named Coral. I think I have a crush on her, well she does have weird nails and her hair is green but then, I am only 23 and she does not know her age really. And by the time she comes back here, I’ll probably be dead.
The good thing about the people here is that there is a parallel civilization here! You have to see it to believe it, Ma! There is a jelly that is slurped in place of water and there are hundreds of varieties of mosses and exquisite organic food, which are made delicious by Ruby’s mother, Granta125. They keep changing names, and as they grow old they adopt their forefather’s names, and I am speculating, that Granta is the 125th generation of their family! How cool is that, right?

I am attaching a few snaps of some drawings I made, although I am no artist. And my trip here wasn’t exactly planned you see! I never thought dad would take me along, and that I, a kid of merely 2 years would be part of the decision-making. However, I understand his stance too. Travel is a major issue here. It took us 20 years to reach here, Ma. The scientists down there will have to invent some faster methods of communication. I love you ma. I keep looking at the only picture that I have of yours and dad’s and I don’t know if I’ll get to you see you in this lifetime or not, though Ruby tells me that she has been giving me some kind of a medication which they think improves life longevity. Dad once told me that Ruby is about 1200 years old though I hope it won’t make much of a difference on Planet Eres!

Do send me some pictures of yours with Ruby and I miss you Ma.
Hope I’ll make you proud, and be out of this world, in its truest sense!
Lots of hugs and kisses Momma,



P.S.: This post has been written for the contest "I Am Explorer". Any resemblance to real characters or incidents is purely creative and Man! You have an awesome life if this story has any resemblance to you! 

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