Friday, September 30, 2011

Where is God???

Two little boys, ages 8 and 10, are excessively mischievous. They are always getting into trouble and their parents know if any mischief occurs in their town, the two boys are probably involved. The boys' mother heard that a preacher in town had been successful in disciplining children, so she asked if he would speak with her boys. The preacher agreed, but he asked to see them individually.

So, the mother sent the 8 year old in the morning, with the older boy to see the preacher in the afternoon. The preacher, a huge man with a deep booming voice, sat the younger boy down and asked him sternly, "Do you know where God is, son?" The boy's mouth dropped open, but he made no response, sitting there wide-eyed with his mouth hanging open. So the preacher repeated the question in an even sterner tone, "Where is God?!" Again, the boy made no attempt to answer. The preacher raised his voice even more and shook his finger in the boy's face and bellowed, "WHERE is GOD?!" The boy screamed & bolted from the room, ran directly home & dove into his closet, slamming the door behind him.

When his older brother found him in the closet, he asked, "What happened?" The younger brother, gasping for breath, replied, "We are in BIG trouble this time!" "GOD is missing, and they think WE did it!"


: )

My Eyes 'Tale' You

On the streets of this deserted canvas
My feet wander like shadows on a canopy

The breeze blows occasionally
Like a chorus,in the misty song of a daylight..
My eyes paint a world only for thee
As I wait for you, to come and see me, through them.
My eyes speak of my journey
That I took within me, for you.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Mother's Sacrifice

This incident is of the time just after Japan's earthquake..
After the Earthquake had subsided, when the rescuers reached the ruins of a young woman’s house, they saw her dead body through the cracks. But her pose was somehow strange that she knelt on her knees like a person was worshiping; her body was leaning forward, and her two hands were supporting by an object. The collapsed house had crashed her back and her head.

With so many difficulties, the leader of the rescuer team put his hand through a narrow gap on the wall to reach the woman’s body. He was hoping that this woman could be still alive. However, the cold and stiff body told him that she had passed away for sure.
He and the rest of the team left this house and were going to search the next collapsed building. For some reasons, the team leader was driven by a compelling force to go back to the ruin house of the dead woman. Again, he knelt down and used his had through the narrow cracks to search the little space under the dead body. Suddenly, he screamed with excitement,” A child! There is a child! “
The whole team worked together; carefully they removed the piles of ruined objects around the dead woman. There was a 3 months old little boy wrapped in a flowery blanket under his mother’s dead body. Obviously, the woman had made an ultimate sacrifice for saving her son. When her house was falling, she used her body to make a cover to protect her son. The little boy was still sleeping peacefully when the team leader picked him up.
The medical doctor came quickly to exam the little boy. After he opened the blanket, he saw a cell phone inside the blanket. There was a text message on the screen. It said,” If you can survive, you must remember that I love you.” This cell phone was passing around from one hand to another. Every body that read the message wept. ” If you can survive, you must remember that I love you.” Such is the mother’s love for her child!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Beauty Like Never Before- Greta Garbo

It was just another day, I was getting bored and I lazily dragged myself to the sofa in my drawing room, determined not to fall asleep in the evening! I switched on the television and this face came on the screen..
And it is the most beautiful face I have come across in the recent past!
Forget the Marlyn Monroes and Aishwarya Bacchans..
Look at her!

Ms.Greta Garbo

And her best feature..Her Enigmatic eyes!
She makes me wish, I were a guy.. Her stunning beauty speaks for itself, but her finesse in her acting skills adds like cherry on the cake!

"She can act, or she can start a new religion.  So far as results go it won't make much of a difference.  She'll click either way."
-Thomas Ince in Photoplay October

Post World War II, she gave up acting. But in her movies, she represented the Modern Woman.Playful and naughty and yet, the passionate and loyal lover. The girl who was innocent yet the woman who was vulnerable, very vulnerable. And yet, determined and strong. Assertive, yet Feminine.

Some of her lines, both off screen and on screen that I absolutely adore!

~ Pearls! (She snatches it and holds it in her palm.) Pearls are Priceless. (Smiles.) Pearls are Cold.

~ After you, I shall wait for Spring no more.

Anyone who has a continuous smile on his face conceals a toughness that is almost frightening. 

I never said, 'I want to be alone.' I only said, 'I want to be left alone.' There is all the difference.

There are many things in your heart you can never tell to another person. They are you, your private joys and sorrows, and you can never tell them. You cheapen yourself, the inside of yourself, when you tell them. 

~ There is no one who would have me.

And to end it in the best possible way, her last quote the year of her demise, 1990

~ I have led a Fabulous Life.

A tribute to a real beauty, now rarely seen!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We shall Meet Again

Another day without your smile
Nights pass, days arrive
Under the same sky..we once shared
Just for tonight, we'll be dreamed into a yesterday's affair.

Kindled heart O' mine,
Ignites the thawed dust layers, one by one
Nascent creepers run along,
Slimy passages of a dark paradise.
Hold me now, before we bid goodbye
Under the same skies, we shall meet again..
Keep this memory, as a forgotten rhetoric, Till then.

My first attempt at Acrostic form of Poetry.
I hope this encrypted message reaches to the two people I love a lot and they understand, wherever they are that they mean a lot to me..They aalways have and always will..


Entrapped within a worldly affair,
Time to surrender a deep breath
And a hope or two along with it
Some thousand unheard prayers.

Under the debris, I hear the thunder
Of the destructed chimneys of solitude,
That once let the grudges, vapour away.
The shields now broken, the dust has settled
Why to whimper now,
You are dead, already.

I watch you, see it all,
Like a moving reel of tainted pictures,
From above, the heavenly hollows,
And as you await another life,
I await another death.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


The hues of a certain misty blue
paint my mind, as I begin to think of you
The crevasses of a shade too gray
now hang loosely across my window-pane.

I can feel you around, like the painted sky
You blow like the breeze, kissing my lips
I let my hair loose, as you sprinkle some dew drops
as the moon dances on my shadowy fingertips.

I cannot sleep, amidst this cacophonous veneration
desires crawl unto me, like frozen snow bites
as I stare into the heavens, eyes search for your halo,
and All of a sudden, I see a shimmering light.

You caress my neck, and I let out,
gentle sighs off my heavy bosom
To have this taste of fulfilment
do all the Chrysanthemums blossom?

My eyes now close, as the sighs dim into twilight
As your satyric arms clench my bequeathed mind,
I know you'll be gone soon, and yet for tonight,
Let me be yours,
Let me be Colorblind.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Gift

It was at the end of the school year, and a kindergarten teacher was receiving gifts from her pupils. 

The florist's son handed her a gift. She shook it, held it overhead, and said, "I bet I know what it is. Some flowers." "That's right" the boy said, "but how did you know?" "Oh, just a wild guess," she said. 

The next pupil was the candy shop owner's daughter. The teacher held her gift overhead, shook it, and said, "I bet I can guess what it is. A box of sweets." "That's right, but how did you know?" asked the girl. "Oh, just a wild guess," said the teacher. 

The next gift was from the son of the liquor store owner. The teacher held the package overhead, but it was leaking. She touched a drop of the leakage with her finger and touched it to her tongue.

"Is it wine?" she asked. "No," the boy replied, with some excitement. The teacher repeated the process, taking a larger drop of the leakage to her tongue. "Is it champagne?" she asked. "No," the boy replied, with more excitement.

The teacher took one more taste before declaring, "I give up, what is it?" 

With great glee, the boy replied, "It's a puppy!"

Hope you had a hearty laugh! Keep that smile on and share this post with all your friends so that they can have one too! 
You're special.
Remember that.

I was Born to be Broken

I was born to be broken
It seemed too veracious to be questioned
But I had my doubts, so I dared to return,
again, to the Battleground.

I patted Life's back, as he was about to leave
and asked if he had ever lived a life, of its own.
And he looked stunned, and then he smirked,
A smile of thousand secrets and a lie, weaved into a cackle.

The venerated paths, of Try and Try again
now constrained by Titian vines of the irrevocable
We must give up after a while, he said
as he banged his fists, at the now-empty table.

Once laden with fruits of scintilla
now darkened with spasms of relinquished memories
they haunt the walls of this paradise,
Souls of the martyrs that loved and lost, it reminds.

How many battles must I fight, before I give up
How many lessons shall we learn to make no vice?
How many miles to walk before I am gone
Before I realize,
I am Broken, to be Born.

The Murder

And I wiped off the stains
from my dress, now a pale white
Nevermind, I have done my job
Yes! I'd won the fight.

The untouched tea, a witness of my act
was flushed away, into the sink
as I washed the last traces of the vestiges
into the flow of water, it was all lost and gone.

I suddenly felt the surge of victory within
and I laughed out my pride
as I recalled the murder I'd committed,
Of the poor little mice!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Please do not Visit Fortis Noida! Share!

Dear All,

Please forward to all.
I received this piece on Facebook and this is the real truth of this place! I have lost a very close friend because of the staff's ignorance.My friend, was of my age and he was suffering from Dengue, a disease which has treatment. None of the others in the campus died of it, though a lot of them had it, during the Commonwealth Games in the year 2010 in India.
This is the story of a similar family, who lost out on a member..
In this hospital. a case of serious callousness of the docs and the entire staff!

With deep regret I want to inform you the demise of my wife Rupali Sharmaon 17th July due to post operative complication after brain surgery.
I would also like to bring to your notice how private hospitals likeFORTIS are robbing people of their life and money. Please be very carefulwhile dealing with such hospitals. Find below the details of my experiencewith Fortis Noida.
My wife age 29 ( occupation- trainer with HCL) was diagnosed with a nonmalignant brain tumor on 17th June2011. She did not have any majorsymptoms like headache, eye problem or vomiting. She was suggested surgeryfor removal of tumor. We took opinions from Max, Indo Gulf and finallydecided on Fortis because of the good reputation of Dr. A K Singh.
Doctors did not make us aware that it is a very complicated surgery andsaid that there are only incidental risks. "Amount of risk involved issame as the risk when you come from your home to hospital"
On the date of admission I pointed out several times that my wife washaving severe cough and cold. It was ignored by doctors saying "Everythingis perfect". Later on Dr Sanjay Gupta admitted that this could have led toinfection.How could they ignore it? Moreover the doctor preponed thesurgery by one day because he had to go outside India.We were totallyunaware of that. Why did not they postpone the surgery instead?
From day one the team did not have any consensus on how the tumor will beremoved. They said that they will try from nose first , if not they willcut open the skull. On the day of operation (8th July)they said after 5hrs that they could not extract tumor through nose so .. they will openthe skull. My dear wife had to go through both the procedures. The wholeoperation took 12 hrs.
Post operative care is pathetic. Why was my wife given sandwich and cholechawal in ICU after next day of such a major surgery?My wife vomitted on13 July morning and was drowsy. We immediately alarmed the doctors onduty. But they ignored the situation saying that everything is normal. Inthe evening she was perspiring, We again alarmed doctors on duty but noaction was taken. If the doctors have been proactive they could have savedmy wife.
By 14th morning the condition had deteriorated and doctors took her to ICUand put her on ventilator saying it is not required but as a precautionthey were doing it.The worst part is that senior doctors A K Singh andSanjeev Dua went out of country on that day. We tried to reach themthrough various means but they were not available for next 3 days. (Howcould they leave two patients in such a serious condition?There wasanother patient with similar case in ICU who also died )
Doctors who were available ( Vikas Gupta, Bundela, Sanjay Gupta ) actedlike bunch of idiots. They could not diagnose the problem and conditiondeteriorated every day. There was total lack of leadership and no teamwork at all. Each doctor gave a different reason for the problem ( lunginfection, hypo perfusion, brain infection none of which was confirmed bythe time of death). On 14th July, doctors were saying that there is lunginfection but they had not called any lung specialist. It is only when wesuggested , they called an expert? Why did not they call the experts onthere own?
On 16th July Dr. Vivek Chawla was instructed to update us the condition by7:00 am in morning. However we were not informed till 11:00 Am that shehad a cardiac arrest at 4:00 am. My wife's cousin (who is a doctor inAIIMS) visited Fortis Neuro ICU on 17th July , he told me that my wife wasalready dead. After he left , hospital declared dead my wife. Otherwisethey would have continued with ventilator for god knows how many days. Oneof the lady doctor in ICU very shamefully admitted that there wasnegligence on part of doctors.
The hospital has international standards in only the exorbitant rated theycharge. They gave me an estimate of 2.5 lakhs to cure my wife and chargedRs 5.5 lakhs for her deadbody. We were never communicated that the chargeshad gone beyond the estimate. How could they expect us to deposit morethan double the amount at the time of death on a Sunday evening?
There was no doctor from Neurosurgery team available when the death wasdeclared. When we shouted at the authorities they were quick enough tocall the police within minutes. But they could not get any doctor toconfirm the cause of death or at least give a condolence message as ahuman gesture. We had to immediately arrange double the estimated cost,otherwise they would not give us the dead body.
We had a meeting with hospital management and team of doctors on 4th Aug.Where doctors accepted majority of our allegations. We demanded a returnof the extra money paid and action against doctors. Director Mr SukhmeetSandhu assured a response by phone in two days. After 8 days we received acondolence message with no action.
Nowadays hospitals believe in profiteering even at the cost of life. Thereis no trasparency and they put people on ventilator even when it is notrequired. Very careless attitude of doctors, nurses and other staff. Againwarning you against such malpractices.
Kindly request you to forward this mail to all your friends and relativesand request you to suggest me good lawyer/ agency who could help me indealing with this situation.
RegardsSrijan Sharma ( F1707 )9818643613

Thursday, September 15, 2011

That Day My Father.. Died

I hugged him tight
To take away his pain,
He'd suffered too much,
Done too much, in vain.

The stench of scotch, stung me
As he held me too tightly
Ouch, i cringed with sudden fear
His hug felt different, as he came nearer.
Daddy, what's wrong with you?
I shouted a little aloud
And he shot his angry eyes
Hungry eyes, sparkled in the dark.
I couldn't breathe anymore,
His lips were on mine,
As he unbuttoned my frock,
One by one.
I stood in shock, unable to flee
Tears flashed in my eyes, maybe even a silent cry
Where would I go, what could I do,
I wondered, as he tore away my clothes.
Daddy, please stop, this isn't right
Hush, my dear he said,
Mommy's not here anymore to fight
With that he gurgled with sneer
Horrified at his state, I froze with fear..
And as he shook me out
He took my insides,
Parted my innocence, with his manly novice..
He plundered me,
To his last delight..
That day,
That day my Father died.

This is purely a work of fiction. I have the world's best daddy ever n i love him! A lot!
Thank you.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

You Didn't Love Her.

So much in love,
you were blinded by her sight
But you whipped off her memories in a go
as you bade everyone Goodbye.

I'd heard too much, too long
of how madly you loved her
that a day without her, would go astray
to see her once, each day you'd pray!

You called her, your God-your faith
so much trust you had in her
then where did it all go,
in the prophecy of the Judgement Day?

Love is selfless, as selfish it can be
To make is to take,
To Lie and to fake
and yet,we love, we hurt, we love again.

But to call your love, Love
would not be so right
You didn't love her.
You don't destroy people you love.

I Bloom

I silently acknowledge my chastity
with gasps of pleasure
striking like a pendulum, I breathe
Let me in, Let me in, you sing to me.

Your arms build around me
serpentine walls of melancholic tenderness
as I drink the intoxicating wine
of passion and a bond, beyond space and time.

Entrenched sighs of tunneled passages
vine in between the veils of my soul
some twist, some turn and roll
while I close my eyes, deep into your enchanted smile.

O! Love, why do you need me so
I need you, I need you more
It is you, who fills me up,
an otherwise empty whole.

All fantasies come to an end
I reciprocate with silent urges and pleasant caresses
while you deflower me, little by little
into a naked thought,crafted for your words.

And you write me, your finger strokes like feather
touch me like a melancholic verse
and I let out, the last sigh
As I become yours, and
You become Mine.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Life into Death

Venerated exits
reason their existence
often innate
in their absences.

Tremors of regret
erupt memories.
Blue skies 
draping gray horizons.

Taken away
cries of beloved
too much
and too apart.

This is Life
they say,
I say, a Journey
into Death.

Bruised- 9/11 A remembrance

I am not dead,
I live to tell the story
Of a survived victim
of a past, in remembrance.

A decade of picking up the broken pieces
of his last call,that I missed
the untouched cake I had made for him
all now lost, left to a yesterday of my life.

Dad, will you forgive me
it was me who insisted that you go off to work,
Will you come back once to wish me luck
I have a test tomorrow.
It hurts, it still does
to recall the last reverences
when we last touched, as you undid my chastity
I still await my goodbye kiss, my love,
weren't we meant to be?

What would I tell Henry when he grows up
except how Brave his father had been
But how do I let anyone else take your place
and yet, not let him feel your loss too?
Tell me, How!

And thousand other stories follow
into a dark ebb off silence
as they drench into the depth of blood and tears
hoping to attain justice, one day.

The hurried last calls to dear ones
The cries, the fears
transcending thoughts of a future together

all now turned to broken pieces of glass
      shreds of flesh and smokes of ashes, aglow.

All dreams, now a faded memory
the shudders still alive, like an echoing fear
time cannot heal this pain,
it shall come back, the 11th of September, every year..
like a nightmare,an exhaled breath..
It shall make its presence felt,
In more than a thousand ways..

My tribute to all those who lost their lives in the Twin-tower attacks on the 11th of September, ten years back. The pain can never lessen, of the bereaved ones but I can only pray for them.
And if this comes across to any of them,
then I want to apologise for the inhumanity my race has brought into their lives..and I pray for You..May you find Peace.

May all the victims rest in Peace O Lord.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

बस तुम्हारी ही जिद है, हमारी नहीं?

Language is a priceless piece of knowledge. I unfortunately am familiar to only three. English, Hindi and Bengali. So, after writing about 30 posts in English, I thought to change my style a bit and hence, tried writing in Hindi, for a change, on something light and flirty.
Hope you will have a nice smile at the end of the post!
For my friends who are not well- versed with Hindi, don't be upset! The English translation is on its way!

So, this guy on a beautiful cloudy morning, sits beside his fiance who has come an hour late. So, even though he is bubbling with excitement on seeing her, he acts as if he's angry and    starts a conversation with these lines..

चूम लूँगा मैं झुक कर पेशानी तुम्हारी,
सजा लूँगा होठों पे निशानी तुम्हारी,
ग़ज़लें कहूँगा, गुनगुनाऊंगा नज्में,
ये रातें नहीं हैं अब जानी तुम्हारी.
पास हूँ मैं, अब कोई बेक़रारी नहीं,
बस तुम्हारी ही जिद है, हमारी नहीं?

लम्हें मेरी जाँ, ये खोये नहीं है,
ये ख्वाब हैं ऐसे जो सोये नहीं हैं,
सहेज लो अपनी आँखों में इनको,
धूप की आँच में ये भिगोये नहीं हैं.
फिक्र ए रोज़गारी, इनपे तारी नहीं,
बस तुम्हारी ही जिद है, हमारी नहीं?

गुज़ारिश मेरी चाहे खारिज ही कर दो,
सुरूर इश्क का दिलो जाँ में भर दो,
पर मुंदने लगी हैं ये आँखें तुम्हारी,
तमन्ना को अब ख्वाबों का शहर दो.
सच, पलकें तुम्हारी क्या भारी नहीं,
बस तुम्हारी ही जिद है, हमारी नहीं?

वस्ल की ये` रात अब ढलने लगी है,
दिल की भी हालत बिगड़ने लगी है,
नज़रें उठा कर तो देखो ज़रा तुम,
सुबह अब दबे पाँव चलने लगी है.
वक़्त की अब हमसे राजदारी नहीं,
बस तुम्हारी ही जिद है, हमारी नहीं?

How can the Girl stay behind..Like they say...All is fair..In Love and War! So she gives it back, equally! This is what she has to say...

हमारी जिद  कब् तुमने सुनी  है ?
हुकुमत हमेशा तुम्हारी  चली  है 
गुमाँ  तुमको  होगा  मेरी  हार  पर 
तुम्हारी  जीत  क्या  मेरी  मर्जी  नहीं ?

मै  चाहूँ  तो, आसमान  से  बात  करुं 
मैं चाहूँ  तो, अपने लिए हि सजुं
तुम्हारी  हर एक  ज़िद  को  भी  में 
चाहूँ तो अपनी  ज़िद  से  तोड  दुं 

मगर तुमको आता है 
बातें  बनाना ,
मुझे  अपने  आगोश  में 
फिर  चुपाना ,
तुम्हारी  झिड्की  मुझको 
भाति बहूत  है 
चेहरे  पर  जो  भी  हो ,
हाँसी  आति  बहूत है 

तुम  जब  रूठ  कर  बैठ  जाते  हो  दूर 
मनाने  में  मुझको  शर्म  आति  नहीं 
तुम्हारी  ज़िद  के  आगे  झुक  जाना ,
ये  मेरी  ही  ज़िद  है , तुम्हारी  नहीं ..?