Friday, May 7, 2010

Well..this being my first post..
I have another blog i which I write poems.
This is a new account. Well many reasons for opening a new account..
Primarily..I believe that when I began blogging 3-4years back.. I only wished to write a book of poems..!
I have written some.. Have posted some..for perhaps.. inspiration..
The best and the worst part about writing a Blog is that You really need to "sum-it-up"..!!!

I can go on and on.. but I know that as the lines increase.. the reclining of the soul Begins and the soul takes flight..away to somewhere..lighter..if I may believe.

Here I just want to pen down my feelings.. Lets see if I can join my earlier blog with this one..!
I hope God gives me the strength to overcome this Writer's Block...