Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Dear Friend...

Dear friend,

Today I turn the pages of our memories
Those laughter and tears
That we have shared for more many years
Those secrets that we hide
Underneath the cherry tree
These photographs I held, and
I used to smile every time I looked at them

Dear friend,

I've been to the place were we first met
It’s the same old, and new, nothing has changed
Like an old book with precious stories
Every page has a wonderful thing to say
Like a laughter that remains on air
They’re sounds music in my ear
A symphony of our yesterday

Dear friend,

I plow our memories that blanket by autumn leaves
On this mango tree
And its branches look so droopy
But there’s a last leaf-standing firm on a trunk
That forgotten, as the time goes by
Like this friendship buried from the shadow of past
Thou I know it will never last

Dear friend,

Remember the summer skies
Those butterflies that landed in our hands
The kites that we ever flew
In these green fields of our childhood memory
We were children once before
When the trees were tall and we were small
And now we are tall and the trees fall

Dear friend,

Autumn was come
And the leaves started to fall
I can’t count the hours, how long I've stood here
Waiting for your presence
That you have promised you will come
The wind whistle like your soft voice
I feel the heavenly touch on my face

Dear friend,

You never told me that you are leaving
Together with the clouds that past by
Together with the angels that flew from the sky
Like the waters that flow freely back to the sea
Like a wind that dances on its own
But your soul still live inside of me
You will always be my special memory
Dear friend,

I wrote you a letter sealed with my tears
Saying take care, I miss our funny deeds
Id rather be sad
And my heart is in grief
But somehow I’ll be happy then
That once in my life I had you as my friend
Dear friend, you will always be my best friend

The Estranged Strangers

Strange are the ways of life...
The way the cycle starts....winds and then slowly unwinds itself...

How we had met as strangers...unknown faces in the crowd...and the cycle began....
A forced smile...a handshake...small talk...
From acquaintances...
Bumped into here and there...a face familiar now in a crowd of strangers...
Acknowledged with a wave or a smile...partially genuine...
From friends...
Arranged meetings....pleasant company....slowly but steadily the
number of calls to each other increasing...
No more small talk...rather interesting conversations...
Hobbies discussed...interests matched...
From best friends...
Testing times....Been through them together....
Company more hobbies discussed....
No more topics required....yet talks lasting days...nights...lifetimes...
From best one's own reflection....
Silence...shared...silent approvals...silent disapprovals...
Silent company...yet understanding like never before...

And time moved on in its strange way....
And the cycle unwinded...

Lines crossed...the other's presence now overbearing....
Silence...taken now for granted.... longer looked at in the same light....And so...
From one's own reflection....back to best friends....
The road ahead no longer the same...
Paths forked...the mandatory company strangely no longer omnipresent...
Talks touching a level of being impersonal....And so....
From best friends....back to just friends...
Formal topics suddenly remembered...
Met because need longer wanted to....
Meetings growing infrequent....the gaps between each slowly increasing....And so...
From friends...back to acquaintances...
Meetings now through newly acquired common friends...
How have you longer asked out of concern...rather custom....
And then a furtive glance here,nothing to talk,excuse me....And so...
From acquaintances....back to strangers....
Back to an unknown face in the crowd...

I Need You

While wandering alone,
in the lanes and pavements of this night rain,
again I am thinking of you..
The one who gave you
the form and hue was my mind..
the throbs in your frame
was designed by my loneliness..

You are still a dream..
so tender like a raindrop or a silky thread.

I cant search you on tracks
and footpaths,
where eyes and ears live…

Yet I know you reside
in the music of this night rain…

In between the glistening silvery strands of rain,
descending down into the dense dark forests of night
below the moonless sky without a milky shine,
I will walk like a wave,
in search of you..

I know you too are still searching for me..
we are the one inside a two.
we are the silent emptiness in the soul of a zero..

I need you..
In this night, like this rain, like a dream not to be lost ,
to shower into the core,
dissolving in veins,
to cool down the melted and opaque,
losses of my crumbled summer..

I need you,
in this night,
when the thunderstorms shiver and shatter,
sparkling pebbles of rain,
fall and break on many roofs,
in a closeness with unreachable distances,
in the voices with inaudible loudnesses..

I need you,
as my own night rain,
when the cracked dryness of my mind longs for
dripping water drops,
I need you,
to sleep in the cradle of love,
inside the tent of darkness,
hearing the lullaby of silences,
rising above mourning of the night for the dead rain,
under this colorless and voiceless,
plain and placid sky..

I need you ,
from faded mirrors,or torn images,
resurrected or restored,
real in virtual..

Few things I had to say...

Let me send you some sounds,
unhurried and plain.
Few wispy cotton postcards,
The numbness in my fingers,
and coffee stains.
I packed the stretch of hills in
a knapsack;
and your echo.
Let me send you that echo.

There are other things too
but I am lost .

For now,
Let me just send you
the beginning of that corner
where we ended.

I guess this poem is too crowded now.
Let’s walk.

The Road to my heart

it’s been a quite long time
since any one has come through this road
and i wish someone would come..

no one will ever come through this road
i feel that inside my heart
yet i wait with my sleepy eyes
and i wish someone would come

some said they would return
but none kept their word
yet i keep my door half open…

i hear a rustling of step outside
a slow creak as the door opens
and i run… praying it wasn’t the wind
my heart struggles to leap out

it was some one who had lost his way
he doesn't come near me, but pauses
turns back to were he came from...

A Sad Mind

In this world full of worries and cries,
where to console someone; No one even tries,
It is very easy to find
Full of pain and emotions- A SAD MIND.

Sadness in voice
and eyes filled with tears
Make one's tragic situations
quite Understandable and clear.

But still no one cares
and to console such a mind,
No one even dares.
Only the mind knows the extreme
of the tragedies through which
It has been.

When the world is happy,
Her eyes are wet.
Others laugh, but she cries
The rest of the world goes on
But for her it stops.
And it seems to her
that there is nothing left,
as if her destiny has led to
Of her happiness: a Big theft.

She is alone in this big world
Only she can understand the pain
which destiny has made her to gain.

She still laughs for the world
But inside of her,
is only Sorrow..pain..
To have a beautiful smile for the world-kind
This is the story of a Sad Mind..

I don't want to fight anymore...

Last night i called you, 
You saw the missed calls and didn't called me back,
It's ok, I understand,
I don't want to fight anymore...

I can pile up whole my problems,
but i don't want you to dissovle,
It was never ok, I don't understand,
But i don't want to fight anymore...

It wasn't you, It wasn't me.
But things have gone wrong.
I can write a poem or sing a song,
But can you read words and make things right ?
You won't say a word or listen.
That's why i don't want to fight anymore...

Next night, I won't call you,
For the fear you won't receive,
Lets us move and leave love aside,
I know, 
Even you don't want to fight anymore...

The Broken Eye

Each day, you pass this way,
I held myself, not a word that I say.
Your wet eyes scythed my reflection,
Word are scuzzy that pass this way.

You say you are happy, doing fine,
I dint ask, I don’t mind.
Amazing, how u lie with that broken eye…
That day, I said “I love you”,
Fingers crossed, you said “Me too”,
Amazing, how you captured me with a broken eye…

If you pass by me, I’ll say
But would u even stay?
No you won’t, so what! I won’t cry.
A tear will roll down; neither in eyes will he stay.

You are happy, I’m fine.
Pass my way no more,
I won’t look, that broken eye, not anymore.

Guilty of being a heart...

On a hot afternoon, 
A heart freezes to death,
Drown in it's own trench,
Guilty beats, underneath...

Artistic crystals down on the cheek,
Dreams freeze inside,
Guilty for healing wounds,
Wounds penetrating inside...

Never say a good-bye,
Bye is never good,
Had it been so good,
Why would you say bye...

A healed wound,
Guilty of being healed,
Betraying the open flesh of love...

On a hot afternoon,
A heartbeat drown to life,
Guilty of betraying a Good-bye...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Learning to respect pain..

People are afraid of themselves, of their own reality;
their feelings most of all.
People talk about how great love is,
but that's bullshit.
Love hurts. Feelings are disturbing.
People are taught that pain is evil and dangerous.
How can they deal with love if they're afraid to feel?
Pain is meant to wake us up.
People try to hide their pain.
But they're wrong. Pain is something to carry, like a radio.
You feel your strength in the experience of pain.
It's all in how you carry it. That's what matters.
Pain is a feeling. Your feelings are a part of you.
Your own reality. If you feel ashamed of them, and hide them,
you're letting society destroy your reality.
You should stand up for your right to feel your pain.”
Jim Morrison