Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Place to Heal...

A tormented soul withers
And the peace it seeks it seeks in vain
Were all that is held inside to come out
I’d hardly know what to do with what remains
But the inside feels foreign
A stranger in the making
One hand held out and one held up
Will you grab on or ignore what stirs through your veins?
The tempest forms, and from it we run or embrace
The destructiveness in our nature
And its treacherous, at times delicious taste
But it’s a wound that drives the madness
Yes it’s a wound that pushes you forward
Were we to be struck down by our foe we’d find our wounds much deeper than we ever could have dreamed
The blood would run down and on the ground
As breath becomes shallow and light faded
… So we find our resting place
So the dark becomes the light
Suddenly we find it’s that time under in which our recovery is sought
The maiming the conditioning of starting anew
But that the battle was the strengthening of your hand
Bringing you to a journey of the will
What you have before you is the road to be traveled
And though you may face battles again, you can conquer still ...

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Lord...said To me...

When you are lost,
Nowhere to go,
Heart has this weird load,
Don’t give up,
As you are not alone,
Coz I am there,
To bring you back home…

You took a chance,
You dared to cross the line,
I know some told words,
That was oh so unkind,
Don’t believe them,
Coz I am always here
To bring you home…

Hearts do break,

Tears always fall,
The world is turning and you are learning
What matters most of all?
That you are not alone,
Coz I am always here
To bring you home…

Dare to dream again,
Be all that you can be,
Don’t worry even if you fall,
As you don’t fall alone,
What matters the most is,
I am always here,
To bring you back safe home…

The End Was Always There...

I wrote on letters
Crude happenings of the past
Draws unmade references
Pointed to strangers
People will interpret
To their own interests
As they have always done

The end was always there

We thought we could negotiate
We pretend to fight
Broke our head into thick walls
What we can get except wounds
And echo of our own cries
Walls don’t have a heart

The difference of if and when
When world would recognize the difference?
Love is not buying idols from shop
There is no negotiation

The end was always there
I just found it first

Where do I go from here?

The sun was hidden on the autumn seasons
And the wind whistled in their sadness song
The leaves start to fall scattered on the ground
They are like the memories that blew inside my mind
I bended my knees and pick them one by one
Hoping I could picture them in my palm

A long and wading road that I had to walk on
Following the footsteps that I could not be seen
It was vanished by the golden leaf of autumn
Here I am alone sat on a bench of memory lane
I kept wondering why, thinking I was lost and gone
Hoping for tomorrow, I will face the rising sun

Where do I go from here?
I don’t had the eyes to see the shades of green
Everything is like a shadow of gray
I was alone in this journey
I could not be able to see the beauty of spring
Looking for someone to hold my hands

Sometimes I forgot, how life is beautiful
To face the morning comes to inhale them,
I forgot to feel the magic of the sunrise
The wind that touches me every time I shiver
The rain that washes my pain and sorrow
and enjoys every drop that falls inside my being

Where do I go from here?
I see the lights shining from a distant
I heard voices whisper in my ear
Perhaps, they are the angels that lead me
In this journey within the distant
And search the world, where I belong.