Friday, February 8, 2013


One by one, 
Petals unfold
red pink peach cream
silvery patches of dew.
We're one step away from perfection
but as we move ahead
blinkers light
lightning strikes,
I shudder in the moonlight
hands flailing for your arms
glistening, the stream
coursing through, and I see
you crossing the bridge
burning it afterwards
Smiling, I am there at the back of your mind
but the lightning, oh the lightning
strikes again and you move farther away
there is too much light, too much dark
all at once
the petals are finished, the beauty has gone
how do I tell you
that life is still vibrant,
when we're one step close to perfection
and yet away, so far away
It is then, we break
like two branches of the stream
two seasons, times and places
known but distant.
Wish we knew perfection is bliss
before we knew
how close we were to perfection 
and yet, so far away.

Just before the day ends, wishing you all a Happy Rose Day. Not because some of us celebrate it, while some don't. It is just an inspiration to make a conscious effort to make the day a little more brighter, happier and kind. Be good, and let good things happen to you.