Tuesday, March 1, 2011


A relationship is a contract usually between two people connecting them emotionally and physically. 
Most relationships are started with the intentions of a couple spending the rest of their lives together but not all relationships work out. 
There are a variety of causes to the ending of a relationship including but not limited to: a cheating partner, a controlling partner, an abusive partner, a lack of communication from both partners, and partners becoming "burnt out" or tired of one another.
In all of these causes to the ending of a relationship the key seems to be a deprivation of the binding glue of a relationship, love.
 Love is what holds a relationship together and when one or both individuals participating in said relationship lose the amount of love they once had for one another, or the love they once had for themselves, the partner/s resort to relationship. ~ending tactics such as cheating, and abuse.

So..whats ur take??