Sunday, September 1, 2013


Thanks to a bunch of great bloggers and a networking group, I bring to you Seven Days of posting seven things I’ve wanted to do but never done. Beginning from today, I shall be posting one post everyday for the next seven days updating you about what I did and why I did so.

The first thing on my list is to de-activate my Facebook account.


Because even lovers need a holiday, from each other. Because lately, relationships real and virtual have become so complicated that when I think of it, it clusters around my nape and clasps around my throat like an invincible invisible cord. When did Facebook become so important? Well I clearly don’t have an answer to that. I do not know myself, when I made friends, and even found family in there and when like real relationships, the virtual ones coiled and cork-screwed into my heart even further.

I have always considered blogging to be therapeutic.

And thus, I want the next seven days to be a cleansing process. You know how one braids hair- Interlocking one lock of strands of hair with another and that with another one. Similarly, I will start by deactivating my account today and follow it up at least till the last of the seven days if not further. Simultaneously, other topics shall follow Suit.

Thus, this Write Tribe festival, my theme is to do the Seven Things, I have Thought of Doing, but Not Done. My theme is Now is the Time. Hope you’ll support me through this too!