Saturday, July 3, 2010


When the world stopped right in the front
my words were not over yet..
I said all the things i never meant
not trusting myself in the end...
all crushing me and down to death... I lost my heart in everything
Kept shouting jus for silly things..
everyone thought that I HAVE GONE FAR...
but something i my mind,
brought me BACK TO THE START..


Absence is like that tinge of blue
you carelessly gift to a river. 
With waves after waves,
with every tiny ripple or a needless whirlwind, 
it grows, spreads, circles and reminds...

... you of presence. 

And then, you choose.

The Unwritten...

Speechless eyes
Tears roll , as I read on
What you didn't write
Values didn't fail
It was me ...

Useless words,
Sigh,...a weakling
A weak link !
Inabilities galore
And I sink ...

Unwritten apologies
Can only cause
Regrets of lifetime
A wait for a desire
To light up the fire

Your unwritten cries
My moist eyes
Your unwritten hurts
My quiet worries
Show me the difference in them

Unwritten love
you still find them sweet
I continue to read
The unwritten things
You wanted me to know ...

Trust me, I know
Trust me, I know...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Missed out..

That little part
I missed out.
I saw your smile
Your teary eyes
I missed out.

You said it loud
I heard the sound
What the words meant
I missed out.

You held my hand
Kissed me good-bye
And that deft touch
I missed out.

You text me 'love'
I replied, 'Thanks'
That pinch in my heart
I missed out.

I got a picture of you
That I tore when you were gone
Now, I'm trying to put it together
But there's one little part
That I've missed out.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Walking by the seashore,
you slid your hand into mine ..
we watched the sunset together ..
i dunno why i smiled..
The world called us best friends ..
And so did we ..
Was there more to it ..
More than friendship it could be ..
Talking through the wee hours ..
we spoke to no-end ..
"oh! we're not in love
we're just best friends!"
Watching the movie,
you put ur arm round me ..
putting my head on your shoulder ..
i felt you breathe on me ..
your fingers were running,
through the knots in my hair ..
and i lay there wondering ..
was it just as best friend you cared
On my way back,
I thought of nothing but you ..
Analysing it all,every bit ..
trying to sort out the clue ..
and yet i lie clueless..
for the riddle has no end ..
Is there more to it..
or are we just best friends? 

Human Be-ing?

I am moving downwards
gradually, one step , two.. three
Down, down further

Where, i find

Fumes and ashes
All around
No wailing infants
No sweet lullabies

but only

bruised bodies
battered lives 
shattered dreams
broken hearts
chained desires
dejected souls
defeated minds
ruined hopes
hazy thoughts
intoxicated love
facade of glitz
psychofants and glamor
dangerous liaisons
cheap incests
engulfing darkness
frightening silence
moonless nights
lonely arms
sleepless eyes
sealed wishes
never ending waits
Plagued emotions
numb relationships
dizzy mornings
lost imagination
torn pages
evenascent memories

The forgotten UMBILICaL CORD

I shed off my skin
and reach deep down
now , i m just a lump of flesh..
But they still call me
Human Being(?)

Another Day... Another Sun..

This one.. goes out to a very special person in my life.
Thank you for being there..for me..with me..
it will be..

Where they meet only for parting
where loneliness is the pursuit
where bondings are struggle

They long to be single
but cursed with company
They want to be hated
but love is in their destiny

Breaking is their achievement
but the bonds follow like ghosts
Ones that achieve nothing
are punished with joy

Where eyes open..
to close again.

wake up once....
Isn't it our world?

Renaissance.. once again..

From void I emerged
Genesis it was

Then a struggle
To unravel
The meaning
Of my existence

My efforts plunged
Into eternity….

Then one fine day
I sank once more
Into void…..

Then Transformation ..

Renaissance once more…..