Wednesday, May 28, 2014

APPY Days are here again! The NOKIA XL-ent Indi-Meet!

How to make a spectacle out of an ordinary day?

  • Register for an Indiblogger meet.
  • Fit into that Elizabeth Perkins dress you’ve been waiting to show off
  • Throw in some assured craziness with a five-star hotel and free food (This time it was The Oberoi, New Delhi)
  • Invite 2 gorgeous men, Gadget guru and ever-pleasant  Rajiv Makhni and Michelin Star Celebrity Chef and one of the warmest people I’ve met, Vikas Khanna to sweep the ladies off the floor and get men envious of their presence!

Blogging has given me my share of privileges and honestly speaking, I can’t imagine why else would celebrity personalities agree to mingle with a history post-graduate poetess who neither has the technological prowess nor the cooking expertise to mingle with such talented who’s who of their fields!

Nonetheless, I am capable of having a conversation with Vikas regarding khana khazana as well as with Rajiv regarding the ways in which a smartphone can take over the monopoly of laptops and tabs. Maybe that’s the connection the Indiblogger team looked for us to find out. And we did!

This is the third time I was meeting the two gentlemen and it felt like so! While fellow blogger friends tried using mannerisms of Sir and Jee, I felt as if I had developed the comfort level already enough to call them by their names, and they didn’t mind that at all. In fact, I remember how I kept calling them and almost ordering them to stay back for my Velfies.

Which brings me back to the point.

So, this time, like every other time, I was on a high after meeting my Indi-mates Vineet( and his welcoming hug), Anoop (with his snort-y laugh), Karthik(almost always armed with his mischievous smile), Swati (the only sane-looking person in the team) and Renie (the quiet, sage-like guy who always responds to my query mails most promptly and with his classic personal touch) and of course, our Blackylocks, Nihal! It had been quite some time that the entire group had been present for a meet in Delhi. 

The meet began with the registrations and for the first time in my Indimeet experience we were ‘stamped’ on as IndiBloggers officially! 

Not just that, being a regular at the meets, the Indi-team asked me and my friends to perform in the First Velfie shot by the organising sponsors, Nokia XL ! So many activities where so many Nokia XLs and phone accessories were given out! Crazy-panti of fellow bloggers and the charisma of our dear hosts~So you can imagine the fun, I’ve had!
Here are some of the crazy pictures from the evening!

Now, some info about the product introduced to us! Noxia XL is smarter than the average smartphone with its exquisite features such as

Available in 



All this just for 

Leaving you with some more colourful info windows and clicking on any one of them would take you to the Nokia Website, from where you can avail all the information you seek! If you’re someone who wishes to carry a colourful, easy to handle, interactive phone, soothing to both the mind and thy pocket, this is the one you’ve been looking for my friend!

As for the meet, it will always be my utmost pleasure to meet the handsome and extremely gracious men, Rajiv and Vikas. I would like to thank the Indi team for the meet and congratulate for its success!
And yes, before I forget I think the world deserves to see this VELFIE I created from the meet! :D
 Hurrrrr Hurrrr Hurrrr we go!

#VelfieOnNokiaXL with Rajiv Makhni

#VelfieOnNokiaXL -ent Meet!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Review: Sunsilk Natural Recharge~ Hair It Is!

For some long drives do the trick. For some others, their moment of bliss includes indulging in adventure sports, chocolates, and who can forget.. shopping! I don’t know about others, but for me..  my favorite moment of bliss is in the shower! 

The world in its course of evolution has seen many tides and ebbs. From an increase in the population, pollution, trade, global warming, ozone hole, and a subsequent decrease in the level of consciousness and spiritualism along with a exponential downfall in the way we treat each other in terms of class, caste, and other social and economic hierarchies, one’s washroom is the only place left where a person can afford to be what (s)he truly is. Naked not just as being without clothes but also denuded emotionally.

There have been moments of anguish, heartbreak, anger as well as feats of achievement, pride and recovery of faith! That makes my washroom, my corner of the home I live in. But the experience is incomplete if one does not follow the ‘rituals’! No kidding, even toilets have their rituals, and why not!

One must take at least a minute or two to simply look at himself/herself in the mirror- just gaze along!  And shower can never be complete without shampoo! Yes, I shampoo daily! And have been shampooing daily for the 23 years of my life! And no, it doesn’t cause hairfall, as is the myth! At least, not when you have Sunsilk in your hand!
Since my childhood days, I loved the Sunsilk Black shampoo. Mum tells me that even when I went to a general store, I would point to the Sunsilk Black shampoo and would cry until it was bought!

Well, then as I grew up SUNSILK introduced many more product varieties including an increased emphasis on the usage of conditioners. In fact, the shampoo industry really took off after the globalization push. Many more products came up. Honestly, after being picked at so often, I did try other products. But no other product suited me as did Sunsilk. 
Perhaps it was the fragrance or the way my hair felt after shower.. I don’t know..maybe it is a combination of several reasons like the smooth lather I get, then the subtle but wonderful fragrance it leaves in my hair (especially after applying the conditioner) and how my hair makes me feel great!

Recently, Sunsilk introduced the All New Sunsilk Natural Recharge shampoo and conditioner which has been co-created by Sunsilk with none other than the internationally renowned hair stylist, Jamal Hammadi who has a suave clientele that includes the likes of Heather Graham, Drew Barrymore, Linda Evangelista and fashion enterprises such as Chanel and Christian Dior among others.

The shampoo has been made keeping the Indian conditions in mind. Pollution, humidity, stress have become a part and parcel of our everyday lives. It is in these circumstances that this product promises to replenish the natural health and well-being of our lovely locks. I being a woman know how important our hair is to us ladies! A bad hair day can ruin our entire day while a well-washed and conditioned hair can do wonders!

Not just does it promise the luster but also with its unique formulation of infusions of Ginseng plant root extracts, the Natural Recharge Shampoo and conditioner provides our hair the virility against the odds one faces.

It can be used daily and has a refreshingly floral fragrance. It does wonders to your hair and empowers you to have a good hair day every day for the rest of your life---What else! However, I do insist that the shampoo and conditioner routine be followed along with an intake of a nutritional diet and try and avoid the afternoon sun not just for the hair but for the entire body! If you’ve used the product, do let me know what you think of it!

This post has been written for the review of Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo and Conditioner for Indiblogger.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mother and I : Haiku

My Heart is My Mum and the Green Cutie..Ah! That's me! :D

Time captures
Blossoming Wisteria as spring arrives
Lumbers now wet

Manuscript arrives —
Archives enveloped in dust
Wrinkles gurgle in laughter

The seed bursts—
The naked people in factories
Soak cotton in blood

Struggling pastures in haste
Let damage be done in sprinkles
Penumbra arrives

The stars glitter in return

Eyes speak of the miles in between

Haiku, is a poetic device that originated from Japan. I have in the above phrases, used both 5-7-5 as well as free verse Haikus. Hope you like them!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Friend, Philosopher, Guide- My Role Model

In this journey of life, no one walks alone. We're all together, either in deed or thought or just for the sake of being. Then, there's family, the closest to us. And if we are lucky enough, strangers become friends and our garden blooms further!

Today, social media is the fastest cheapest form of entertainment, of course after the shower songs and the crazy roller coaster of thoughts we have in between the time we lie down and till we sleep off! In this crowd of many, I found a brother who believes in me, who loves me for all of what I am. And the fights make us stronger. And better. God bless you for the wonderful person that you are, and thank you for being someone I can look up to! My brother, my role model!


A role model according to me is someone who has lived his life king-size, one who promises that life can be and will be as fulfilling as it sounds to be.

Usually people take celebrities, well-known people, and politicians as role-models and so on or someone they wish to become, perhaps some creative feats that they’ve achieved.
But for me, except for my family of course- they’ve been my pillars of strength, they’ve helped me through my ups and downs and are definitely my greatest supports but a role model for me is someone who is within my reach and someone you can take immense inspiration from, but they’d also be there to tell you ‘how’ he/she has done ‘what’.
I think that apart from my family, I think I would say I have a person I would call my ‘role-model’ , not just because of what he has achieved, or what he does today but because where he comes from in life. It’s because of what he has understood from life and what is he ready to give from that, to me and others around him. It is what makes him ‘him’.

That person for me would be my brother, Rahman Bhaiya. Aalooran Rahman Bora. Yep, as you may have guessed with our differing surnames, he is not my real brother. Actually thank God, because there are so many things that you cannot talk to your family about; you need a friend, an unbiased guide. Who better than a brother! I don’t have a brother but a younger sister, so I always have to be the responsible person out there; someone who is absolutely stable. However, life does not work like that! And hence the need for a brother, becomes almost inevitable!

And it was at that time that I found Rahman Bhaiya, and he is my role-model because… not because he promises me or pampers me with things that I wish for but it is for the kind of conviction that he has for me. The kind of belief-system that he’s become for me that I know for sure that I can become whatever I want to be, he’s going to be okay with it, without inhibitions. He’ll be happy about it because much beyond the realm of career and money-making and all that comes a person who is within you and that is person he connected to, as he always insists!

We met through Facebook, and yes, that is as ironical as it gets because you know, you meet ‘friends’ on Facebook but to find a brother there, and finding an ever-lasting relationship..Now that’s as surreal as it may get! But that’s the most beautiful part about us! So, we met on Facebook and he was a follower of my blog, my statuses and poems. And then he messaged me once on Facebook saying that he was shocked to see my profile as he expected to find someone much older, wise and sage-like! (Imagine his shock now!) 

But there was this craaaazy woman there and well, that is how it pretty much started! He often tells me that I inspired him but Rahman Bhaiya, let me tell you that every time when things don’t work out for me, every time when life seems so tough and eventually I wish to give up, there is this one person I know whom I can turn to and he…That is you, you motivate me to become a better person, make me believe that even with the downs, the bad things that are happening in my life, things are eventually going to be alright and that is how ‘sail through the ocean’!
That is what makes you a role-model for me especially because I am a tough nut to crack! And well, you are someone who is okay with that! In fact, one of the few who’re okay with that, which is what makes you my ultimate Role-model!
I wish to thank Gillette India and Blogadda for this awesome opportunity because here’s how I tell him what he means to me and I couldn’t find a better way to do so! Thanks and cheers!

Well, even as I am making this video, I receive messages from him asking..
How are you?
Where are you?
Had lunch? Dinner?

He is always concerned about my whereabouts and I am lucky enough to have such a person in my life because you expect such things from your parents, your real family but this is a very special relationship for me so…
Any form of dedication is incomplete without a song and I would like to dedicate this song to my brother because you’re one of the most loving, warm and considerate people I have in my life and I am lucky to have you! And I would try my best to become the person you are, with all your qualities. My Brother, my role-model, here’s the song…

This post(write-up+video) is a part of the My Role Model activity by Gillette India in association with Blogadda

Thursday, May 15, 2014

IPL, 2014:Chalo Bulawa Aaya Hai!

What happens when two of your most coveted IPL Teams are to play in one day in two different matches against two teams you are not fond of at all.. And to top it all, you have a visit to your ophthalmologist and a date you cannot miss!  All of this in one single day!

Such unfortunate fate glided on to the horizon of my life on the 14th of May this year! What stakes shall a girl have to take to strike on to both the boats and yet not fall? 

My doctor’s appointment was an uphill task that I’d managed to gather. He is a very handsome errm..and a busy man! But I had to watch the IPL match between SunRisers Hyderabad and Kings XI Punjab! How could I let Dhawan or Irfan down! Nonetheless, I went ahead with the visit and quickly came back home only to find that there was no electricity! Of course, I had missed quite a bit of the match which I still could easily watch while watching the Live match, all thanks to the Star Sports website! I am the new tech girl in the block you see! 

This is what I love about the revolution that internet has recently undergone. I could watch the match updates and then continue watching the match live thereafter without switching the TV on!
However, no good thing ever lasts! Thus, the match ended as soon as the last bit of my laptop’s battery gave up! Sigh!

What next? I had to hurry and get ready for my date. We met at a mall, for dinner and soon were seated at our table. My date, is a college senior and the football team captain, and I always had had a crush on him. So you understand why I could not say a ‘no’ to him!
But a girl always knows how to get her way! So I made sure we sat at a table from where I could see the Television easily though he kept insisting that we move on to a quieter one. Thus, I had my way and had a very tasty dinner date, with Gambhir, Pathan, Uthappa and my date of course!

I had taken my laptop with me and had got it charged while we were eating. Thus, by the time we were done, the laptop was fully charged but the game was at its climax! And we left..

I had my phone fixed into my palms all the way back to my home, url-ed at I just love the technology they use at Star Sports which posts the scorecards fastest! 
And there it came! KKR won by 6 wickets! I yelled and my flat watchman almost yelled back in anger! Haha… what a fun night I had! I came back home and switched on my laptop, played the entire game and retired into the comforts of my snugly bed! 

That’s my craziness for IPL. What’s yours? Thanks Abhyudaya, for asking me to pen down my craziness for the world to see! Though, I pray my date does not! Cheers to the spirit of Cricket that binds us all into a frenzy, only cricket-lovers would know!

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