Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Bumps In Our Journey!

One fine evening, I find my house rather laid back and unusually quiet. I rang the second bell and the door opened with a whiff of air that smelt of spiced rajma. Now to give you an idea of why I find this setting ‘unusual’ is that I have a twelve turning thirteen year old Sister!
Pari had opened the door and didn’t even say “Hi” and turned back and ran into our room. Now that was the ‘nail in the coffin’ sign that something was not right! I was on my way to the room when I found a piece of paper half-folded, lying near the bin.
I picked it up and read the contents of the letter-

Why don’t you go away
Let me live my life, my way!
When you are around
My life is dark and blurry
Please leave, please hurry!
My best friend can’t look at me
As if she’s ashamed of my presence
Others run away as I come to them
As if I’m a ghost without a name!
No one will love me it seems
If you are around me
So please dear go away
And let my Didibhai kiss my cheek!

I was beyond shocked! I didn’t know what to speculate upon- whether how she managed to pen down this nice little piece of poetry or the subject of this poem! What was it that had made her so upset? Could it be a boy? Could it be something to do with school? Friends?

My mind flummoxed my sanity and I decided to confront her instead of going on webbing my doubts!
Me: Pari baby, what’s wrong? Are you upset? [ She hid her face with a pillow and answered from beneath the pillow.]
Pari: Yeeeaaaa
Me: Won’t you share your pain with me Baby? We are best friends no? [ I was seriously worried by now!]
Pari was silent for a minute. Then slowly, she removed the pillow from her face and sat down upright! She had a pimple! A biiiiig one on her nose! And she looked so anxious!
I was puzzled for a moment! But then I made sense of that letter and all the anxiousness and burst out laughing! I know … I know.. it was mean and I perhaps should have been more understanding but then pimple wasn’t a big issue for me! I’ve always been a “pamper my skin” person! I’m addicted to my cleansing rituals and beauty essentials. My sister on the other hand has been maintaining a one-hand distance from all creams and cleansing so far! And thus, the resultant PIMPLE of a problem!

I finally got a grip on myself and sat beside her. By then, she’d started fuming and if this was a movie, she’d have smoke out of her ears, I’m sure! So I took upon the role of the big sister and made her understand the importance of a proper cleansing ritual followed by moisturising. She seemed to take me a lot more seriously and I think she sincerely made a mental note of the same!
That night I let her use my Garnier Pure NeemFace-wash and she had read about the importance of neem in cleansing both externally as well as internally and she understood the relevance of the product. She also further applied moisturizer though she cringed her face!
Life teaches us many lessons, either by others’ experience or by our own.  However, it is important to learn from that experience and grow! Thanks to this experience, I am sure my sister has learned the value of following beauty rituals, not just to look beautiful but to feel beautiful!
We often take our skin, our body for granted. But then we stumble upon a bump or two to make us believe in ourselves again!
With Garnier Neem Pure Face Wash
You can bade Pimples and Acne problems
Bye Bye!
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This post has been written for the Indiblogger contest in association with GarnierNeem Pure Face-wash.