Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Goodbye Ends! Hair's to new Beginnings!

How can one dare point his eyes at you, you exude of the halo only Athena did. How can one breathe in the whiff of daisies with a dash of lemon that scurries to sprinkle within! Oh, what pity it is, thou are still an outlandish fantasy, o stranger!

Eyes wrinkled, I stare
Why ignore beauty where you seek­—
Magnolias blossoming

 Dancing to chimes in the air
The locks enchant the onlookers
The pied-piper spares none.

No one promises to live forever. But what I can pledge is a healthy experience of this journey. One cannot count the end or the beginning, because we’re all somewhere in the middle of the means to an end.

Cries follow the smiles
Whether nascent or anile
Birth and death flicker like stars

Milestones crossed and by-lanes reached
Somewhere an end awaits us
Towards a new beginning

 The above piece is a prose-poetry developed from the Japanese poetic form, HAIBUN which is a mix of prose poetry followed by a Haiku. It is extremely creative and can be arranged into several phrases. Such artistic freedom results in a lot of variation in the core form giving birth to many styles of poetry I got to know of from Carpe Diem Poetry blog. I hope you like it. 

This post has been written to express my experience and review of the Tresemme Split Remedy Shampoo and conditioner. Tresemme is a line of hair care  products which promises salon quality styling and care at a very affordable price. And the makers of this product profess that Endings Should Never Be Short!
It is no rocket science when they claim to rescue you from 96% of split hair!
But there is simple science and logic to it- Not only does the Reconstructing Complex bind the split hair, the moisturizing shampoo and conditioner nourishes the hair such that the fear of the split hair re-appearing also vanishes! In fact they claim that split ends reduce by 80% in the first three washes!
So how does this work?
The split frayed ends are basically damaged and negatively charged and thus, the Reconstructing Complex is potion-ed with positively charged polymers(Amino Vitamin blend) in gel form.

Does this work?
To be frank, the first three washes only made my hair feel soft and tangle-free though the ends seemed softer than the usual roughness. However, the split ends stayed on. However, by the end of a week's usage, there was a visible difference
in the number of split-hairs I had initially. Well Well, Diana Penty wasn't wrong after all!     

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