Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Piece of Life...

I hear the sigh of that crying child,

littered in the filth along the roadside,

dark and pale and flumsy skin

in the pierching summer heat,

no flesh, no cloth to hide his soul..

There I see the hunger in his eyes,

there I feel the pain in his sighs,

and there she comes, a mother,

lifting that piece, her piece of life,

kissing and embracing in her arms tight,

a moment of relief and a moment to smile,

both for me and that little innocent child.

I hear the sigh of that jaded man,a father,

a brother and a husband for some souls,

working hard the whole day long for a meagre wage

to keep him on,no sign of pleasure,

no sign of pain,

on his forehead some hopes in vain,

his doom so dice,

and deep in the heart a fire lies,

he wants to cry for his life deride,

but tears all drenched in those filthy sweat,

he returns from the field at the dusk so weird,

with some gauky faces waiting at home,

and a hope for just a piece of bread..

There I see the guilt in his eyes,

there I see the pain in his heart,

and there lies a sweet little baby,

gazing his father and broadening his arms,

and in that innocent smile the man is lost,

lost his worries and all his pain,

his heaven as he embraces his piece of life,

and there I find some tears rolling down his eyes..

In-determinate Her..

For her, dying was not mandatory,

She could knot herself to life,

And strip the skeleton of death,

To unveil its inexhaustible secret.

The mirror could see itself in her;

Whirlpools of nostalgic infinities.

She is the lock that fits every key;

The answer to all the questions.

She is as intangible as unfound ideas;

Unending time uses her as a rustle.

She is the ingenuity of impossibility;

Can turn the chaste into fornicators.

But she died thirsty upon a mirage;

The keys rusted, mirrors were broken.

She was lost to inviolable distances,

And took all life along with her.

Her posthumous days were imperfect,
Like a street without the other side,

And on the unsettled anxious dawn
Was the hint of an indeterminate her..

Only Fools Rush In

 Fools Rush In 

A running shower could not prevent Veena Guha’s voice to spread out of her bathdoor

As she was reciting

“To me, fair friend, you never can be old,
For as you were when first your eye I eyed …”

Anindyo Pakrashi has woken up at five and is still seething with pain
Of last evening, those yelling and hurled abuses, but somehow gulps down his morning tea.



Never has she felt such happiness since, she first bought

Her pair of red Stiletto Shoes on her sixteenth birthday or may be even more,

She smiles dreamily as she puts on the light lipstick forbidden by her mother.

She has never been in love before

And all the while she continues humming Shakespeare

In a slow husky nonchalant tone. Which she does not even realizes.

She has looked into the mirror twenty three times

Since the last forty five minutes and had changed into

Five different pair of jeans. As she reveries of,

Those perfect forlorn eyes of that tall imposing man

Who versed while he talked

And could let you swim into the deepest oceans of romance

Through Keats and Shakespeare

She was sure that he too felt for her the same way

When he asked her to explain those lines to the class

and she said,” Love is immortal as it is in these lines…”

He then gave an assuring smile as if to say, just like ours dear.

And then looked back into the book as if hiding something

Maybe these emotions he had felt

after the class she hastily picked up the page which fell when he did that

thinking of it being some kind of letter

but it was some gibberish coded language she could not get

It was still precious nonetheless, being from him

She knew she had fallen for a perfect man.



Prof. Anindyo Pakrashi couldn’t recollect the faces of most of his students

He could hardly recollect anything apart from his English books

Like yesterday he had forgot to buy the grocery again

And his wife had yelled at him and all his demi poet Gods

He felt saddened and stabbed, after all where was all that love

Which had blossomed entirely due to their common love

For the written word.

Life after the death of your youth is a curse he stammered within himself.

But he wasn’t a complete fool as she made him to believe

He could recollect an exact moment where

Where he had remembered grocery in class

When a girl had explained the meaning of

“To me, fair friend, you never can be old,
For as you were when first your eye I eyed …”

And he had smiled then remembering it he knew he had even made a note of it

but after a moment looking into the book somewhere like most of his belongings

He had lost it.

He would surely buy the grocery today.

And all the while through the radio Elvis was singing,

Wise men say, 
Only fools rush in. 
But I can’t help 
Falling in love with you.”

This story has been featured in a competition held by The BanyanTrees. For more, please visit,

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Ground Between Trees

What do we look for?

There is the ground and there are the trees,

Erupting themselves, or being dragged, dragged by the sky

Some owned, some orphaned

The ages of their leaves are sprightly

While the truth is in the

Confusing, patternless tunnels of the bark.

The bark, that stands,

That bends, that sometimes never really rises,

As if in genuine hatred of itself

The bark and the silent ground between trees

That is where our feet must be

Soil filling the spaces of our soles-

Pressing and secretly conveying

The sadness of leaves.

This is for a competition  organised by HP LaserJet and Indiblogger on the theme of Color- To dream of the "ground" as black and to then rust it with the Trees..some ivory and some gold.. Brings a melancholy of colors..playing with each other..blending with vengeance!

Playground Love

Welcome to the Playground of Love.
We make Love. We play the Game of Love.
Love of different kinds-sexual, ambiguous and Divine
Choice is yours- We are all here to Please
No one else, But you.

You are the ringmaster and I the slave,
play me, throttle me, as I wear that Plastic smile
Please yourself, as the moments go by
We make Love, We play only the Game of Love.

Morbid yet procrastinated,Takes what we give
Selfish Prejudices and et all,
It'll be yours, as long as you want to.
Forever is nothing but a moment of Lie..
We make Love. Love of Different kinds.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fool-ish Pride Wins

You must be kidding me! How can you even believe him, Mishti! He's a jerk, and all he is looking for is how quick he can get laid with you, can't you see?
              Why are you so concerned, when you say there's nothing between us. We agreed to be friends Karan. I can date whoever I want to, why should it matter to you anymore?

Haa!, you really think it matters? I was just being a friend, if you say so Mishti, Just  that I care a lot. I am worried, because I don't think he is the right guy for you.

             And you think You are? He'll be much better than what you were.

I know you didn't mean it, Mishti. But sometimes, these words sting real hard. Your 
sarcasms are going to put you down badly someday. I fear that day.

           I'd always feared you'd let me down. And you did. I think, nothing surprises me anymore. My sarcasms are better than your vanity, Karan. I don't give fliers- I say, what I mean and I mean what I say.

*Their eyes meet for a second, into a matchlock, before they tear it away into different directions and leave with silent sighs. Like losers, of a different kind. Foolish Pride, only wins.*

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


A topic I'd been thinking of, for quite some time now.. Imagine the Life, if we may call it so..The Pain to Live seems harsher than to Surrender to Death..Hope I do not offend any one in my attempt to bring out, the ache..Of A Life, beyond the Boundaries, of Life and Death..

Death, comes visiting everyday
Arrives, stares and goes away
The frail, old body on the bed
Eyes bright, sunken in the head
Awaits, the silent footfall without dread

Death, comes visiting everyday
Goes without possessing the soul, today
The body weak, the mind still strong
Knows its time, it’s now not long
Awaits the moment, without prayer or song

Death, comes visiting everyday
Comes, goes away, even today
The body too tired to die
The mind too strong to let life just go by
Waits without waiting to say bye

Death, comes visiting everyday
And, smiles to see today
The soul screaming for death to claim
As loved ones kill life, leading spirit to death’s lane
Doing what, even death to do till now refrains.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sleeping in Her Shadow

It takes time to decipher
the quizzical geometry of her mind;
places that remain
unbuttoned in solitude.
On a good day,
you’d find a face.
Fragrances travel 
their stipulated distance to land on her,
bringing a tinge of conifer green.

She is most beautiful in silence.

Then you hear the symphony of her sorrows;
see the camouflaging colors of her smile;
the felicity with which 
little joy-shaped tears escapes the corner of her eye.
You’ve heard fables of kisses picket-fenced on her lips .
Rumours are rife about the language of her body. 
Suddenly she folds like a paper, flies like the sky.
                                   Destiny is promiscuous.
Illusion is her body double.
You're chasing life.

While I sleep,
In Her Shadow.

The Wisdom of Death

The Mountains held the sun up high
It kissed the lake awake
Feathers of white an angel,spread
And filled up all my dreams

The look,The pray, The strange Attire
Kept me gazing along all morn
And then as sun rained down upon
Some Children young,were born

The first one sang,to a potrait alone
And asked her if she would be
The queen of greens,the lasting dust
The queen of all his melody
A Queen to never be...

The Second one travelled far and wide
And found his life in gold
He'd laugh along his men,aloud
With royalty behold!
A winter cold...

Then one next,would war a lot
A Sword would lift and fight,
The Gods in him would praise him well
And gift him ruthless pride
An Angry tide..

The sun when set,the angel smiled
He looked down as they died
All that was left was a melody,sad
with a Dying Winter's frozen tide
A Summer's cry...

The look,The pray,The strange attire
Had kept me gazing along
And when he smiled some nicer,still
was when I breathed my rest
With the Wisdom of Death..

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hopelessness- Palindromic Poetry

Dismal and morbid I became
Paths mine, she whenever crossed

Hers’ was sad story
Smile never; formed hers’ lips

Hers’ face defined melancholy
Pain reflected hers’ persona

Mine inside would freeze like ice
Numbed- all thoughts turned at her sight

Emptied felt I, from all thoughts then
Vaguely sensed I- vacuum

Whenever I met, hers’ blank stares
I felt complete hopelessness …..


Hopelessness complete felt I
Stares blank hers’, met I whenever

Vacuum- I sensed vaguely
Then thoughts all from; I felt emptied

Sight her at; turned thoughts all- numbed
Ice like freeze; would insides mine

Persona hers’ reflected pain
Melancholy defined; face hers’

Lips hers’ never formed smile
Story sad was hers’

Crossed whenever she, mine paths
Became I morbid and dismal….

:) Do let me know what you think of it! It is my first attempt at this. Oh, just for knowledge, Palindrome writing is a form of writing wherein certain words, phrases written can be read backwards as well! :)


With that last smile which we exchanged
though,with a wry in our hearts
when we waved our hands to bid adieu
knowing its going to be the final separation this time
we both sealed our lips,as we acknowledged
that words wont suffice the requirements of feelings
there was no conversation ,i remember
we both were busy recollecting
the memories of the time we had spent together
like dry fallen autumn leaves
withered and pale ;often get blown away
with the moving wind,to a new place
I still remember.
that expression of calmness and tranquility
which was serving the purpose of a mask
to hide that Storm of thoughts
running across both our minds
how could we let it happen??
why we couldn't do any thing to prevent it??
silence,...eternal silence was the only answer we were left with
we both knew and to an extent had develop acceptance
for;that we are going to be strangers from very next moment
'i'and 'you',realized that
the word "we" has lost its identity
what all left, was just you and me
we still see each other
with the shield of awkwardness over our vision,
we do read each other,express our pain but we know
things wont be back

it could never be the same
as now we know...
Its over...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Its Time To Write Poetry Again..

Cocooned within walls of flowing silence,
Speaking a language sans words or sounds,
Writing words in an evanaescent script which left
Silent brushmarks on empty pages of the heart,
We have spent countless hours, my love,
While the clocks stood still, and the world forgot to turn.

Its time now for the white noise of life
To intrude in the silence shared by us,
Lest our silence bury our love,
Beneath a mound of syllables, unspoken, unheard.
Its time now for words to gurgle and swirl
And inundate the islands of loneliness,
Like a river swollen, in full spate, bursting forth.
Its time, my love, to write a poem again.

Let our love roll with a drumbeat of sounds,
The desperate cacaphony of chirping birds
Seeking a nest to rest their wings,
The ceaseless pitter patter of blinding rain
On a hard tin roof on a monsoon night,
The piercing whistle of a thundering train
Slicing the silence in the deep of the night,
The honking of horns, the swish of a plane,
The laughter of children, the tinkle of an anklet,
Steam hissing from a pot of freshly cooked rice,
The muted roar of a million hungry throats,
The splashing sweat from entwined limbs,
The incoherent grunts, muttered endearments,
A symphony of Mozart
Rising to a crescendo.....

.....Before falling silent forever again.


I shudder
my eyes focused,
on that treacherous,
lethal tip.
My breath

then, the plunge.
It seized me in
a peaceful oblivion.
The Thoughts suspended,
in that lifeless sea.
while my forgotten existence,
for the moment.

The fear
The guilt
The despair
tossed into
a nonexistent corner
while the desires
closed out.

My languid soul,
tasting the nothingness,

Breathing ever fainter,
the Eyes forced shut
the numbness spreading,
while sleep takes over.

I plunged again and again.
leaving the exposed
in the veins,
to prove
these timeless hours.

Revive The Pain.. The Rain..

Let the pain sleep now for a while,.
till heavens may send another rain,
to wake them up,
and give me a handful of silky threads
and sivery beads
to knit or weave a dream again..

Dusty sky erroded in heat,
will be patched with fragments of clouds,
then the roof may not leak,
and stain my feet with a mixture of water and mud..

Let the scars freeze now,for a while,
the dried scabs of serum underneath,
may change color in a day or two,
and the contusions may become yellowish
along with bruised and bluish memories..

Let the time to catch hold some space,
to curl around and hibernate,
till the hot and humid wind passes away
in broken layers..
The wind with holes,
Cannot cover the pallid face of a dehydrated day
With its torn veil..

Let the heat escort the sun to its grave,
beyond the steps of a twilight,
when the embers in its soul will become ,
some black and charred memories,
the night will come back
with a small lantern in its hand..

Let me sleep till then,
to wake up under a hollow sky,
with a thatched roof with tiny holes,
through which the stars will peep with single eyes
Keeping the other eye closed..

Let me sing a lullaby only for me,
in my hoarse and coarse voice,
and in lost tunes,
borrowed from the half white moon for light,
with its half face masked in darkened disguise..

Let me lose you,in this abysses of
Dessicated deprived thoughts,
to be disappeared forever,
and not to be found back again ever..

To Let Go

I don't know which loss is more profound- Losing a very close friend to the inevitable transformation called Death, who was to be there with me through every joy every disappointment every breakup and every achievement. Or, Losing my best friend and lover to the ambiguous vengeance called Life..

A song that is very close to my heart : Duto Manush (Two People) <>

The song goes like..
Duto Manush
Ekshaathe koto poth chola..
Haathe haath rekhe kotha bola..
Keno shesh meshe eshe bidaai?

On translation, it would mean..
Two strangers, meet. They get along well and the distance between their journeys lessen. They spend time together.. make memories and the distance still gets shorter, so much that they almost coincide at times.
But this intersection is temporary-like seasons,  reasons and time.  I would never blame them,  they had to go their own way,  someday.  What I didn't know was that it would happen so soon. But then,  who knows? Things just happen,  like they are meant to be.

Sometimes we just have to let go of someone who matters to us not because we want to but because we have to, because it is the Right thing to do. Let us remember that we cannot force anyone to love us. We can't beg someone to stay with us when he/she wants to leave and/or be with someone else. This is what Love is all about.

Separation by Death is still explainable,  but the separation by Life seems indiscriminate and cruel.  It dwells in like a double-edged sword-killing not only the relation but a small part within the two people. However much they want,  they can Never be the same.

However, the end of love is Not the end of life. It should be the beginning of an understanding that Love Leaves for a Reason, But never Leaves without a Lesson.
To put it in few words of wisdom. . 
~Its better to cross the line and suffer the consequences than to just stare at the line for the rest of your life ...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Those Three words...

~I want to appreciate the times when moments are made into memories. I want to embrace them, cherish them, and never forget that they come so few and far between. I know that wherever life takes me, these moments will always follow. They remind me of whats truely important. It's not just life, but living. It's the journey, the destination, and all the points I see in between.~

"I know it probably sounds way too filmy..But Mishi..I can feel you here with me..I can see you soft curls; smell the Sunsilk *laughs* as they fall on my face as I hug you tight..", he sighed. All he got from her was a heaved breath and nothing. Silence. He continued, in a sad tone, "I wish you could love me as much as I love you Mishi.."

"Why do you think I don't love you Karan?", she asked after a prolonged quietness. She knew he didn't have an answer. But did she have one? In the past year,she'd asked herself over and over again. Did she love Karan? If she did, then what stopped her from telling him those Three Words that he craved to hear. Those eyes earned for her love. But what stopped her?

Mishti woke up, as the bright sunlight shone on her face, the glistening shadows of yet another day greeted her. Her phone lay beside her. She picked it up sleepily. 59 missed calls! She'd fallen asleep with her thoughts last night! Karan had called back, after the line had disconnected. "Shit! How can I be so mean!", she was disgusted with herself. "He truly deserves a lot better! A hell lot better! I cannot be the woman he loves.. And I cannot hurt him every single time!".. She had to make a decision. For his good.

~What we had...

As always, she was to meet Karan in the front of her college gate. Karan like every day would be waiting for her. A daily routine of meeting, having milk-ginger tea( adrak wali chai) with biscuits and matthis followed after which they'd go to their own respective classes. But today, it had to be different. Mishti had made up her mind to break up with Karan..but was her Heart ready? With such confusion in her mind, she got off from the auto-rickshaw.

Karan was, unlike other days standing and happily conversing with a girl. Mishti smirked-another Punjabi girl! These Punjabis always connect instantaneously with each other! Then she saw them share a joke, and the girl rested her hand on Karan's arm.
Karan didn't seem to notice. But Mishti did. Her cheeks flared up. Did He just let her keep her hand on him? How dare she! How dare He!
She just stood staring at them for almost 10minutes. They ordered for tea. And started sipping tea and chatting happily. He'd never had tea without Mishti.. It was like one of their "own" practices. How could he have tea with someone else!

She was startled. Was she Jealous? If she didn't love Karan, why did it matter? Yes, she had kissed him. But Love is something different. It cannot be Love. But, if it isn't then why did she feel this way? How does it matter if he's talking to some stupid girl! She could be a friend, a classmate..Or whatever. Why did it affect her like this?

"Oh Hi Mishti", Karan cried out. Her thoughts broken, she stared at the girl as she approached them. "Meet Jigyasa, my classmate. And Jigs, meet Mishti..a.. my..  very good friend." Tears swelled up in Mishti's eyes. Was she just a 'very good friend' to Karan? How could he call her that? And didn't he decide to call her "Mishi"? Then why did he call her "Mishti" in front of that girl, while he called her "Jigs"..

Jigyasa left after a while. She asked Karan if she'd join her too, for class. But he refused. Of course he knew Mishti was sad. She looked really upset. "Damn you, Karan! You try to make her happy, but end up making it worse for Her. How can you even think of loving her when all you ever do, is hurt her!" he thought to himself. He didn't know what to say. What to tell her, that'd relieve her of all the pains he'd caused her.

He noticed her staring at the empty tea cup in his hands. He clenched his teeth. He knew she'd felt terrible. The awkwardness that'd been created after he stammered while introducing Mishti.. had made things quite obvious. He felt Mishti didn't like it. She usually didn't like it when people taunted her about their "secretive" relationship.

"I'm sorry" they both cried out, together. Surprised by each other's reaction, they both looked at each other. "Please let me begin first", Karan asked. " Mishi, God knows I loved you. Too much. But you couldn't. I don't want to create any more problems between us. I totally understand,it must be awkward to have a person around who's always embarrassing you with his stupid mushiness. I'm so sorry Mishi. For everything that I've done.I'm sorry for loving you so much blindly. But I can't do this anymore". " I can't do this to you anymore", he silently added.

Mishti had been silently staring at the autumn-ridden golden-brown leaves scattered around her feet as she noticed the soft wind turning them around, here and there. Why? Why did it hurt so much? She had what she wanted. She'd prepared to do the same. Then why did his words stab her..again and again.. why did autumn wrench upon her heart? Why did her tears seem like those rotten dried leaves that'd fallen..and people were walking over them, crushing them as they went past..

But No! She could not cry in front of Karan. She couldn't explain her tears. Not to him. For she herself didn't know what she was feeling. More importantly, Why she felt this way.. How could she show how vulnerable she'd become? How could she accept that she was madly in love with this guy who just told her that he couldn't love her anymore..
She stood up. She smiled at him, took his hand and kissed it. "Friends!" she said. "See you." and left. *Someday..Sometime.. When we'll look into each other's eyes and profess our love for each other.* she added silently.
Karan paid for the tea and walked towards the college gate, too struck by his reverberation and  Mishti's silence. 

Did he do the right thing? Of course he did..he thought.
But why did he feel this way? Why wasn't Mishti happy?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

No Goodbyes~

As you go.. I wonder.. The next time when it rains.. The next time I sip hot coffee and burn my tongue.. The next time I cross the busy roads..  Whom will I hold on to and Cry and then smile knowing that I'm being held..Who'd kiss the tears away?Who'd cradle me in his arms and take away all my fears?

Who'd hold my hand and take me through? Who'd see me dance like a child and just stand there and smile? Scold me as you wipe the extra coffee from my lips and clothes.. Your hand automatically holding mine when crossing roads..? Like a friend. Like a father.. Like my Lover?

Goodbye My Lover-James Blunt

Everyone hurts you. You just need to find the people worth that hurt. To let go of someone, who has hurt you.. But loves you too.. Is like shutting the curtains down forever because the sunlight stung your eyes once. What about the brightness and warmth?

Jiyein Kyun-Hindi--Tochi

Do you forget all the beautiful moments of togetherness and remember only the moment of distanced belonging? Not separation..or alone-ness but distanced belonging..because when two people love each other..they are always there.. with each other..

Even when you leave.. do you Really LEAVE? Or do you leave a part of yourself with the person you love? Yes, you may argue.. You do not love the person anymore..
But to my friends,I ask.. Can you STOP loving someone you once truly loved? And that "once" being just a matter of few years.. Can you?

The truth is, the person you have loved, you shall continue loving..Despite all the resistance. All the Masked Ignorance.
Reason- Hoobastank

Dear You,
Please leave if You must. But promise to get back soon. Promise that our Love was true..Is true. Tell me that everything's gonna be fine. We will fight it out. There is no You or Me..But US.. Promise me Before you Go?

No Goodbyes-Blue
I shall wait. Not for Thee. But for the honor of the Love that was, is and shall forever remain. 
No Goodbye can be good enough to mark the separation. Please. Go. But.. Don't leave.
But if you do.. Know that I shall always be grateful to you.. For even if for Once.. I was.. Truly..Madly.. Deeply Loved.
I shall try and be all that you wanted me to become. And maybe someday, Looking back at our memories.. Won't hurt you anymore.. All I'd ever want is your happiness. Believe me.

Jeena yahaan-Joker
That's all I need to know.. In a world.. where most things Come and Go.. I'll always have You.. to hold.. And that is all that I ever need to know.. You'll forever be mine?

Love or.. Something Like that..

If you consciously practice detaching from people, places & things of this world, you'll notice how at peace you'll be with you, & how you keep your power by doing so. Don't engage in the drama of this world, it isn't real. When you are able to master detachment, it is natural to be at one with love and true power within; and nothing and no one outside you - affects the inside of you, in a negative way..~ A. Murray

I grew up just like any other girl of my age, dreaming of a world filled with Love Compassion and Peace. The whole concocted tales of Love forever.. The prince charming on a white horse.. Me wearing a white gown..way too soft..way too beautiful..

Natasha Bedingfield- Soulmate

Ahh.. Dreams...No.. Not dreams.. because they still have the possibility of coming true. Fantasies..remain fantasies ..For Life. A world so distanced and yet the closest. It is much like Sky Gazing.. You look at this particular star..keep looking.. You feel as if you can just lean forward and touch it. But it is farther than what we can probably imagine.

The Prince doesn't come. The white horses, an illusion. All you see  is..White and grey smoke. All you smell is the sting of the burn. Of your dreams..your expectations..

See that any time you feel pained or defeated, it is only because you insist on clinging to what doesn't work. Dare to let go and you won't lose a thing except for a punishing idea.. ~ Guy Finley

That is true too~ What if Love doesn't look like what we'd heard of? No princesses and Definitely..No white horses! :)
Love is `to be experienced without any inhibitions and experienced without any expectations. Love but don't want anything back.Just Love.

Find your Own way to Love!!

Sounds like a saint? Well consider me A saint who keeps on trying not to become a Sinner!

To leave ya'll with a positive thought.. and to finish this entry with one.. I share with of my most favorite songs..
Never Found A Love Like This..!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Power of Words

Words are Powerful, Therefore Only Say Something If You Truly Mean It.
If you Don't, then SILENCE is GOLDEN....

But then, All that glitters ain't Gold.. You get me, Don't you?


Here I am, writing the last blog tonight for I know, I would be absent for the few days. Past couple of days.. I Wrote. A lot. After facing a writer's block for a Year.. I now know ..The power of Words.

Words once spoken can never been taken back. Everyday, we communicate with so many people. So many words spoken. But how many times, do we think, Before we speak?
To complicate further, our Moods determine our choice of words. When we laugh or when we smile.. When we're sad or we're upset... Our sense of being influences our state of Mind and thus, Our Choice of Words.

But seldom do we understand that Words are Tricky to handle. They cannot be replaced and their effect cannot be destroyed. In fact, the influence of our moods, makes the statements more dangerous. While a word of gratitude or wisdom, relaxes our surroundings,makes people happy.. A word or two of anger or regret, can be disastrous for your relationships.

Maybe that is why, Philosophers have always stressed upon being cautious with every word that we speak or write. Some warn us, to "think twice" before we speak..while others tell us to Keep Quiet during stressful situations.

Like my favourite Author has said.. “Words are alive. Cut them and they bleed.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

No man means all he says, and yet very few say all they mean, for words are slippery and thought is viscous.-Henry Adams

When you do say something.. Mean it. Mean it from the core of your heart and Mind. When you tell Him, "I Love You".. or a "Goodbye".. Mean it. If you don't, then don't say it. You might be angry, but don't make the mistake of speaking while you are, because trust me, You will regret it, sooner or later.

I'd like to share a short story, my granny used to tell me,when I was a kid.

A group of frogs were traveling through the woods, and two of them fell into a deep pit. When the other frogs saw how deep the pit was, they told the two frogs that they were as good as dead.
The two frogs ignored the comments and tried to jump up out of the pit with all their might. The other frogs kept telling them to stop, that they were as good as dead. Finally, one of the frogs took heed to what the other frogs were saying and gave up. He fell down and died.
The other frog continued to jump as hard as he could. Once again, the crowd of frogs yelled at him to stop the pain and just die. He jumped even harder and finally made it out. When he got out, the other frogs said, “Did you not hear us?” The frog explained to them that he was deaf. He thought they were encouraging him the entire time.

This is the power of the tongue. An encouraging word to someone who is down can lift them up and help them make it through the day. On the contrary, a destructive word to someone who is down can be what it takes to kill them. Be careful of what you say — especially to yourself.

Word and only Words are all I have.. To take your Heart..Away!

But sometimes.. You say it Best.. When you Say nothing at all!.. Because those who love you.. Will understand your silence..even when what you say,might contradict your own self. But then,Why take a risk! ;)
When you say Nothing At All-Ronan Keating
Love,Peace and Harmony to all! Keep readin..Keep lovin! And Mind your Words..! ;)

I found Happiness.. But..

It is funny how talking to a few positive people ..who just hours before were complete strangers to me.. Can make me so Happy.
Happiness has become a need,for the thirsty soul. But where to find it?
The answer lies within ourselves. We build the wall around..brick by brick and seal it properly with cemented beliefs..
I wish we took this opportunity to give life a second chance.. To give Love.. A second chance..
To Love ourselves for what we are.
For if you do not love your own self, How will anyone else Love you back?
Well, that explains why.. I feel so Low..doesn't it?

But just hours back.. I met a few people,it felt so good just to have them around.
Its surprising how I found myself back, through them.
They Love me. They believe me.
But will they go back too?

Will the story come back to where it'd stopped?
Or will Life give me a second chance again??

...But the struggles make me stronger, and the changes make me wise & happiness has its own way of taking its sweet time...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

To Change, or Not to.

When we are NO longer able to CHANGE a situation... WE are CHALLENGED to CHANGE ourselves. ♥ Viktor Frankl ♥

John Lennon-Imagine

A feeling, almost all of us have experienced every now and then in our lives. in other terms we may also call ourselves Powerless..To be who we are. Or to challenge what we refuse to accept. The world seems like a tide of wave approaching us and we start Running, turning around at times to find it even more swift and dangerous. Overpowering our own strengths.churning them into Ambiguities.

Nelly Furtado- Powerless

What does one tend to do then? Change.
Change becomes a plausible answer then. The world has a problem with You, being You. So the problem has to have a solution within You. The solution being.. Change.

They say, Change is the only constant thing Life offers. But isn't change a Misnomer, for being a constant, as Change itself keeps changing.
How can changing be a solution, I ask?

I read a superb blog today. The author, also talks of how people term him emotion-less, brain-less, use-less, strength-less and so on.. it makes you wonder is you seriously can have so many "less"es within you!

Because we are vying for just that one thing we cannot get- Could be in the form of a Lover,Friend ,Business deal... just about anything!
You feel terrible about the way you think, look, smell and behave. You slowly start hating the unique characteristics that made you.. YOU! You now want to change everything good about you, why? Just because the  world fails to accept you!

That is like Killing your self-emotionally and spiritually. What would all the flesh and bones do alone? What is left of you?

I feel, Self- Acceptance is a life-long journey. The best thing to do is to understand the person that lies Within you! Accept that, and trust me, The journey then will be far more uplifting--socially emotionally and spiritually. Every step, would then seem like an achievement. If you believe in yourself. The world will be hallucinated to believe in you. The power has to come from within. Face the tide. Let it take you places. Fear not, the tide but the Fear itself. It should not ever cease you to Believe. In yourself. And the Universe. The Universe shall protect you.

But like Sathya Sai Baba once said-- God helps only those, who help themselves.
Go one step. He will help you with the next. Trust is your strength.
Believe me.