Friday, December 6, 2013

~Spark and Glitter~

Pretty women wonder 

where my secret lies.

I'm just cute but not built to suit 

a fashion model's size.

~ Mary Angelou

Words, what impact do they have? People often throw questions at me asking, what have I really achieved with words? Why I blog, why I write.. It is what inspires me, it is what makes me believe that I am part of Change. I am Me. And proud of myself.

Be the spark that lights up another flame. Be the ray of light that transcends within the mist and through the rocks, creating its own niche. 

Rabindra Nath Tagore was one such spark, according to me. He wrote in a language that could transport you to the lacunae between life and after-life. 

 Be the spark that attracts the moths, the lovers and the feigned. The irresistible satire of life, he who wants shall get only if he needs it enough. Be the need, for the wants are over and beyond the horizons.

And as you travel through this journey, let them know that you don't fear the Unknown. That there lies a spark within you, quenching to meet the Light, at the end of this path.

Bemuse your self and the world with that inherent child who hides and seeks according to the circumstances life brings in. Let that spark never die out. Let the child awake!

we didn't start the fire,
it was always there!
 Be the breaking dawn, shine like a ray of hope. You need the world and this world needs you. Feel your presence and every bit of you screaming to find its purpose.

 All it takes is that one step...That one step builds on to a walk..for life..for dignity..for self-introspection. To stop and to pause is essential but one must keep moving.

You may shoot me with your words, you 


cut me with your eyes, you may kill me with 

your hatefulness, but still, like air, I'll rise.

I'll Rise.

I'd like to spark a change because I believe I can.
And because light only radiates, wherever it flows.
From one wick to another, the warmth only soars.
Change is essential, the cracks and creeks are thus
creations by the Almighty, with a bigger plan endowed.
Spark a change, for believe you can
bring in a change, when it is needed most.
Let the brightness radiate, from one to the next soul.
Electric and magnetic, colorful and vibrant
let it exude in itself, transformation and virility
let it be fragrant of development.
Speak up and glow, let the emotions come out of you
why trap them, the years of sores
let them out, let them spill out!
I will speak up, I will stand for myself and thousands more
I will be the spark of change, I will be a woman and so much more!