Saturday, October 29, 2011

The F-Word Storm

There comes a time in every 21st century-woman's life when she starts wondering about the F-word.
No, not that!
I mean, Feminism.
2011 is the 100th year of celebrating the International Women's Day. So I went soul-searching on the topic.Am I a feminist..And a roaring confident gurgle escaped my throat, as I snapped, "You bet, I am!"
To take an example, I had a conversation with my good friend, Mishti about it. What she thinks about Feminism.. And together managed to state 10 reasons, why we love Feminism and are proud ardent Feminists, by choice!

Though I'd say, this has been quite easy to put down, keeping in mind, the sense of discrimination and violence being surmounted upon the feminine fraternity.

1. Every evening I see a random drunk man in his forties, beat his wife and daughter at times, in the middle of the road, while the public stared at the proceedings, looking at the woman as her clothes were ripped apart,her saree being pushed to her bared thighs and blouses hanging loosely at the breasts.

2. I can feel the tension rising within me the moment my watch tickers to 7pm. Evening times are a strict NO for women to be on streets.As if, women do not have a life of their own. Every time she steps down her stairs, she has a 87% chance of getting raped,molested or sexually/verbally harassed, if a woman lives in Delhi and other such metropolitan centers.

Oh, did I mention that Sexual harassment is euphemistically called Eve-teasing in India!!!

3. Whenever I ask someone (here, a male) for technical help, he behaves as if I am from the Stone Age. Just because I am asking you about SEO doesn't mean I don't know Blogging! What is it with that "I know it all" attitude?

4. I shall always be the "bad one" in the relationship, in case it fails to work. If the guy cheats on me, he probably found someone better than me! If I found someone better than the guy, I am characterless. If the guy sleeps with another woman, I cannot satisfy him.If I find pleasure elsewhere, I am a SLUT.

5. If I write a sad poem, I have had a cat died..I have my periods..I am fussy.
If a guy likes/writes Poetry, he's sensitive, kind and understanding.It reflects his "intellect".

6. A woman in the eyes of a metropolitan man, is a glossy, 5' 9" 38-28-40 typical who PMSes, watches Saas-Bahu melodramas, applies bright red lipstick and black nailpolish to drive men crazy and of course, instead of working, sit and make plots to find new men or bring back old flames.. (As if our bosses pay us to   watch our derriere!)

7. I am supposed to be a Rainy-sissy if I do not laugh at every sexist joke that passes around.And not react to sexist remarks..Such remarks are supposedly "friendly" in nature. Calling someone a Sexy whore, is NOT funny, ladies and gentle-men!

8. I feel sickened by the very thought that around 100million women never get to exist in this world due to female infanticide! How sick can people get really!

9. People who get a little tensed due to my affiliations to feminism, get surprised at the thought that I can Babysit, Cook,Clean the house and be domestic too. Why is that surprising? I believe every individual, man or a woman should be able to such chores effectively!

10. I love the reactions that I get when people know that I am a feminist.Some call me narrow-minded, others feel I am biased. Lets just say, I love being true to myself and my species. I am a human and a woman and I shall do my duties, as both!

For all those who do not agree, Good for you. Because, when history saw a trajectory of women suffering from social evils, malice, exploitation, identity-crisis, you did not care any more or less.
So now that we've learned to show the fist, when folded hands no longer work,
Every dog has his day.
So do the Bitches.
Why? Why twitching? If dog is an animal, so is a bitch. Why the negative connotation, dear male chauvinists?

Dear readers, leave in your comments! I'd love to know your views too!

Friday, October 28, 2011

You bring me back into Life!

Bleeding veins sang profusely
the tale of death, you were written on
I saw her cry, your mother
shouting your name, again and again.

Sighs of pain, in and out
the movements now beyond words
I look at your shape,
the only one, unstirred.

I sat with your head in my lap
herds of people crying with shocked gasps
unvalleying the grief within
They look at me with blank correspondence.

Closed eyes, beg with mortal finesse
I am not dead, not yet.
You are not, I want to say
But these are unspoken words, a writhing tempest within.

The lifeless viscosity so profound,
dubious heart, relents in a galore of thoughts
contradicting the reality, faith speaks
the mind warns of a choked concoction.

I retrieve the memories,
our laughs, the moments we held on to
How can you go away,
How can you just..Die?

My nasal chords sting
an odour of decaying flesh
stirs around the haven, now 
a rusty deserted flat.

You are being taken away,
I hold you wailing mother tight
A tear escapes nonchalantly
as I grasp your hand,that one last time.

Abeyant romance, is what remains
a destitute of life, stares within me
What happened to all the promises,
You had promised to never let go, you did.

Tonight I can write my dreams off
the framed shelves now thrown astray
flossy images of a futured past
remains like an inkling in the wind.

Close my eyes, to the darkness
looking for a light
That is when a feeble beacon 
shines your halo, a frightful sight.

Your nose still bleeds, a rough patch of blue
your eyes, a light gray, eerie as it seems
your mouth protruding, ghastly gasps resonate
I shriek with fear, as you sit beside me, with a smile.

I came to love you, I could not leave you
You held me all through my life, you hold me now too
Go away, I shouted, this cannot be true!
You are dead, you died in front of my eyes!

You looked into my eyes, hypnotic as ever
with life like I'd never seen before
Taking my hand in yours, you spoke to me
It was quarter past two, this had to be a dream!

I blinked repeatedly, and you snorted your typical laugh
made me stop abruptly, I touched your face unhurriedly.
You came close and kissed me in my lips, real as ever
I am yours Mishti, our love immortal.

I close my eyes again, twilight sparkling in my brazen eyes
You cover me up into a cloak of dreams
and I rise, above all realities of my mind
You bring me back into Life!
You bring me back into Life!!

Posting this as an entry to the Weekly Linky Challenge~ The present theme being Haunted, but with a romantic twist.
So, there we go! Hope you like it!You can have a look and post your blog link too! Hurry! To visit the site, please click on the picture below! :)


Being In Love

The best part about our love
is that I can love you
Without you loving me,
Our kind of love, it is.

People call me a fool,
I wish, How I wish they knew
what I find, what they lose,
Only you know and I do too.

Being in love with you,
is what I can selfishly do,
without the veil of the blind
we have our own world to seek

One day, you'll know
know what I mean to you
till then, I just sit right here, writing this
wishing you'd know how much you mean to me!


Splotch the boundaries, you make your mark
You, humane of all, cut me apart
and strike again one by one,
I shall wait and watch, only till I choose not to harm.

Definitions were made to clarify
not to obtruse the meaning of my genesis.
Blemishes hound my naked being
as you write down your names on my abreasted soul.

You take me for granted, a silent listener
But behold your thoughts my friend, you have only seen my love.
Defining Love, Friendship, into blotches of convenience
Nature has become a mere background to your creations.

I shall speak one fine day
And that day shall see your end,
Don't take a warning, shed your definitions
Love as much and cry if you must
Let Me take my own course.
If you still shall tighten your fist,
your fingers shall turn brittle,in a matter of time.
Don't resist my love, or acquaint my hate too often.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Circle of things

I waited for your call
yet another day lost
Lost in the memories
that seem like a yesterday gone.

Calls end, messages sent
and yet, you don't seek for me
I wonder why the silence between
resides like an empty thought..

A year gone, I sweetly smile
as I celebrate Diwali, the festival of light
and I see my phone blinker, Your name flashing
and I smile slyly,to your last words,

"Get your own life, mine is fully booked"

Lets see, boy, who wins and who is to lose!

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Qvendo Wishlist~ Attention! Men

So, those who wish to impress me can have a look!
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Calvin Klein Yellow Dress

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My Princess would look so pretty in this!

This one would look perfect on my handsome cousin Brother

A green one for me! Looks uber-cool! The world's gonna go green with envy!

Oh! This one for the day I want to burn the world!

I have always fantasised about a black ballerina!! How lovely!!!

My dad's vying for one, for a long long time! Would love to gift him one!

Belts are a must! They catch u up when things fall apart! :)
This one is quite a keep!

This bag, my dear ladies..Is a keeper! You have GOT to have this!!!

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I love this shade of green! :) We Would look perfect with me wearing a pink dress!

I am going to wear this one! :) A steal with the winter setting in!

My brother is going to love this..Or maybe his girlfriend would love it more! haha!

Guest Post- Venkateswaran Ramachandran

This guest post is by a poet-friend, Venkateswaran Ramachandran who writes with a Pen Name RV. He writes poetry as well as short stories. He owns a blog named, I Speak . A prolific writer, you must visit his blog too.You can do so by clicking on the Blog name.

He wrote the following post, a poem in response to a poem I had written, titled, You Didn't Love her. You can click on the link to read it. He wrote, You didn't Love Him
A beautiful expression in return I must say. I love conversational poetry!
If you want to write one, then go ahead and do so! I would love to include it here!
Hope you like it!
And thanks RV!
BIO About RV

I am a very friendly, optimistic, self-confident person. Like to make lots of friends. 

A Trainee software Developer by profession, but a simple and straight forward person from heart.Started writing a blog with some intentions but when realized that i was wrong, changed up my mind and started being a genuine blogger with no intentions whatsoever.....

The Love he showed towards you girl,
Was limitless and you know that girl.
He gave you smile and wiped off your tears,
Hey girl, he even took out your fear.

He did whatever he could for you,
He loved you girl and waited for you.
You even didn’t bother to think of him,
But only when mattered, you did use him.

He still kept smiling and waited for you,
With a hope that someday even you’ll come through.
He did know you were on with someone,
But great the boy, still wished luck for that one.

Love for you wasn’t more than a game,
Hey girl you should be down, full of shame.
Love never meant for you anytime,
The boy still wishing you to be happy all-time.

Boy is wasting still his time,
Still hoping you are back anytime.
Hey girl, never say you loved someone,
Coz a loving heart might never this much hurt someone.

A Poem summarizing real life experience.

P.S : This poem is not meant to hurt anyone, so hope you take it only as a poem and not as a taunt or something else....


Words hurt,
like angry bites
chords stangle around
the voice
breathe no more
just stand still
there are moments to come
before your heart bleeds.
don't stop running
escape the tenderness
your protected will.
Let it hurt
till it hurts nomore
and the body numbs down
to the heart's core.
Let the pain nibble within
like a decaying corpse
there is no beginning
or end to this flux.
hit on it,
with all your might
till your soul glitters
in this morbid moonlight.
Strike again
and again, with your might
flummox the vision of tomorrow
your day comes tonight.
Die, a skill to be taught
is waiting for you
within a sight
of hungry concords
of a bitter-sweet delight.
Sink in, dwell in the pit
of anger and thrust, revenge and cries.
You shall rise.
You shall rise.
Only after you die.


Raindrops drum the tin-roof
clumsy flowers nestled in the crooks
Breathe a sigh of relief

The cat skimpers a little
drops shine off her skin
Roads now sinned into
utter silences,
watch as it rains

The orange bangle, now hidden
tears the gray apart
and out, it bounced
like a toddler's toy, bouncing off the cloud.
The kicks of life, strangle us down,
And yet, we gasp to breathe some more.

Rains come, the rays go
And comes the dark and the light
Pain disappears, only when we begin to smile.

Friday, October 21, 2011

My Hair, My Pride

A hair in the head is worth two in the brush. William Hazlitt

We lose around 100 strands of hair each day and yet we marvel at our locks in front of our mirrors almost every single day, for years!
Our moods often fluctuate according to the silk and shine of our hair and we feel beautiful when we feel the freshness and the bounce on top of our haughty heads.
Here's a toast to our lovely Goldi-Locks!

You envisage me, like I were a sage
and you, my only piece of cloth
You wrap me up, when the world is cold
Promise to never leave me, even when I grow old!

To lose you, little by little each day
pains my heart, not just the root
a silent love, that exists between us,
I find it to be so true!

Oh! Lovely strands of vengeance
you are the crown of every princess 
It is you, who makes my lover come back
It is you, which I fraught to lack.

Dreadful days frighten me,
when you become jittery
I wash, I comb I pamper you so,
and yet, you fumble like a little lost child.

But the next day, you're back again
a few strands lost, but still strong and long
we smile at each other in the reflection
as I own you as you own my pride.

I know Dove takes care of you
And you handle my mood swings
Thank you Dove for making me feel special
As me and my hair feel Beautiful!

My Hair, My Pride.
It loves me back.

I use Dove range of hair and body products and I recommend it to everyone!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Love will set you Free

Fantasy picks up another feather
scrolls around a hundred weather
plays around into mocking concoctions
blurring the already attested visions.


Controlling minds, the passions unveil
into fiery eyes and moist vengeance
unadulterated sighs of de-flowering cusps
resonate their echoes into titillating alleys


Running calmness down my spine
visions stir for a while
the hunger savaged into heated whispers
steamy seduction blooms like colored petals.

Close my eyes and hold you tight
you get dressed, leaving me naked.
inhibitions now,a destroyed fortress
as you go away to your daily routine
And I gently hum,
Love will set you free..
Love will set you free..

A Reply~ Guest Post

An email sent by a friend whom I was upset with. But I am no more.
Thank you Sidza.
This poem he wrote in reply to the Poem, Stand By Me that I have recently posted.
Your cuteness shall always melt my anger away!

Subject: With reference to your poem Stand By Me in your blog, I wanted to say something..

No matter How far you may go, how far you may leap.I'll be there to hold you tight whenever you weep.
Even when you are out of my sight, Even if the days turn to night.I'll ignite make you paths bright.
Even when the ocean rises high, or the clouds scatter thunder.I'll always be their to alert you before you make blunder.
Though I am not a smart chap, I am not a stud.But I can promise to stand by you with all my gut.

I know that you are still angry with me.....I'll always regret for notbeing able to understand you :(
But I promise I'll stand by you .... like a true friend.... for everand ever and ever and ever and ever....and ever..Keep that Billion $ smile on your sweet face.... :)


Thank you Siddharth Goswamy for such a lovely gesture. God Bless you!

Monday, October 17, 2011

खुशियों का फलसफा

कुछ  खुशियों  का  फलसफा
बस  एक  जुनूं  का फासला  तै करता है
जवान  से  दिल  कि  बेक़रारी  तै  करता है
मरता है  इंसान एक  नहीं , कई बार
पर  ज़िन्दा वो  हर  बार  होता  है
यह  ही तो  खुशियों का  फलसफा होता  है !

To Humanise

Another penny tinkers into the empty bowl
He looks up at the smiling face,
Like an enigmatic resurge, it brings one to his own
a freckled face of a man who had lost.

The boy smiled, a smile of sheer pleasure
two breads and a penny, he'd stole from the bakery
the guilt and the hunger played games in his mind,
it reminded him of his treachery.

He, thus dropped the penny into the bowl
and felt his spirit lighten up
again walked away briskly,
the transgressional pursuit now accomplished

The world now tries to Humanise
being the Saint, post the sinner
changing veils every now and then,
And I wonder, who is the real Winner?