Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rest, no more!

Gone is yesterday, why still
thy sore bleeds, the unpleasant history
as Man killed man, with knives and guns
now they fight, a battle of words?
will you never learn to heal
take what you get and leave?

Wait, some more,
and then turn back; forget
what we had seen till yesterday
Pretend some more, like it never happened.

Why, then why
do we cry this fear away
of glorifying our past and present
let us hide into our mother's wombs
and cradle into our graves
till we find ourselves again
and face life, with a crooked smile
Stand tall and look at the flaws
and fill the voids by our own hands
like a sculptor, repair and re-create.

What has been, has gone
and what shall remain is what we do
now, for now
rest no more,
It is time to awaken thy soul.
Rest, no more.

To Love

I can never hate you.

But only love you.
And remain as distant
as nearness could never be.
Yet as near, as the sky and its horizon.
To love, is not pain
But the essence is detachment.
Both separate, yet entangled
like drops escaping the dark clouds.
We are no different souls,
yet we thrive in our own worlds
Never to meet again
until, the other side of this moonlit sky
Far, off into the emptiness of this night.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Are you Shweta?

I am glad to have some great friends in my life.Most, I found,on Facebook! It is almost unbelievable how strangers, go on to become such amazing friends! And it all starts with an Add request! Amazing!
So, I was doing my usual routine "check-up"..scrolling into windows of facebook, gmail, blogger and google almost in a coterminous manner. Suddenly, I got a "ping" i.e. a friend opened up a chat window for me. And asked me if I could do him a favor.
Well, usually this phrase "Can you do me a favor,please?" to a blogger, hints that the person wants you to mention him/her in your blog. Which is a Strict NO for me!
So I quite hesitantly agreed. 

This is what he had to say,


I love a girl. Her name is Shweta. We are no longer together, and though I know where she is, I cannot contact her. She doesn't want me to. But, like every year, I want to gift Shweta something. Can you help me? "
If I hadn't seen those words, I wouldn't have had believed them!
How can I be of any help, I wondered.

I want to gift all the Shweta-s who have their birthday on the 28th of December. Please help me spread the word!
So here I am my friends.. Shweta, if you are reading this, my friend wants to gift you something.

Love is so succulent.. So Pristine.
I wish I could ever Love truly. But I am only human, to err.But I still try..To Love.
As humanly as possible.

If you can, just share it around among your friends and circles and do get in touch with me if you do find someone named Shweta who has her birthday on the 28th of December!

I love you because I need you.
I need you because I love you.
I Love.
And the Need evaporates like mist..As I touch the blue sky and fly high..

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Flight

Funny indeed, the bits and pieces
of artsy conversations I hear of you

here and there, somehow somewhere
And I laugh, in despondence.

Abated, even ignorance denied

Metamerism, as if a catalysis in a reaction

it stirs in me, a jolt of many accords

How much, time flies, and voids become the walls

with no mercy, un-porous resilient boundaries etched

crowning the end of what was Us.

Let the blaze quell, it's slime

and I shall forget you, said Neruda to me

as you have forgotten me,

And I shall sway my arms out at the sky

and fly away, high.. high..

As I bade you, Goodbye..

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

You, Me and a Few Close Friends

Trees watch us walk by, like milestones of memories
one after another, we forget counting
our fingers entwined into an embrace
You, me and few close friends.

We sing along, our voices uncoordinated
into tunes, twisted turned and morphed-too many!
Gossips lay cold, like the untouched tea cup and biscuits
Just you, me and a few close friends.

Poetry, sings to me
the day, since the day you went away
as if, it brings you back to me,
whenever my pen touches the paper, my heart
You me and a few close friends.

Years pass by, moments turn into time and voids
happiness and tranquility remain distant thoughts
we pass each other, like the breeze-brushing past
And on our own alone-ness, yet again
You, Me and a few close friends.

These companions, are for our lifetimes
that remind us, of what we had once and I hope
we might just meet gain, someday
You Me and our few close friends..

Monday, December 19, 2011

Tell you, but A story..

The Sea-gulls run into western breezes

Salty air drenched with wetness of tears, sweat and rain

The window-sill kept open, a bird might just come and sit

Someday this Ogre would also find his Haven.

And somehow someone would come and peep

into the dark and deep

and rescue the princess within me

If there is one to be seen.

Till then let the thorns, place themselves

like the holocaust into my dreams

Let the board hang loosely at the gates,

"Trespassing Not allowed, Make no mistakes".

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oh Kolkata!

The tram scurried away
I tried, wrapping the shawl a little tighter
the shraabon in Kolkata, a little cooler than liked.
people, distantly absorbed in their rojgaar,
pushing against the tide of the bhadralok,
I smirk my way down.

And as I stroll into one of the tiny by-lanes
I find the aalu qaabli wala, mixing the secret masalas
into an irresistible mixture
I gasp at the sight, the nimbu flavoring, tempting me.

No money, I make a face
and ask, dada, ektu taste korte daao na!
And he says, didi, dos taaka lagbe, nahole nai!
I plead a little, the old tactics tried
he says, Momota didi er shohor ekhon,
tai bole ki shob didi der "phree" te khawabo!

I longingly look at the mastery of his hands,
the aroma of boiled aalus, fixating me
I go on with my search, into the crevasses
surfing on the crests, resolving to find my self in between it.
Some day, Kolkata shall find me,
And I shall seek myself into her arms,
Loved, owned and treasured.
Let me seek into thy heart,
and let me last breath die unto you, Kolkata! ♥


Rojgaar- earning. Here, refers to a man's every day Life.

Bhadralok- refers to the people, in general.A term used to call the bengali babus during British rule. The Bengali English knowing class.
 Alu Qabli- A popular street food made in Kolkata.
Nimbu- Lime/Lemon

"Dada ektu taste korte daao na"- Brother, please let me taste of of that
"Didi,dos taaka lagbe, nahole nai"- Sister, it costs ten rupees.If you don't pay, I can't give it.

"Momota didi er shohor ekhon,
tai bole ki shob didi der "phree" te khawabo!"- Mamata Banerjee popularly called, Momota didi, rules Kolkata (here it refers to the elections which Mamata Banerjee won, to beco'me the Chief Minister of Kolkata) , that doesn't mean that I will give this to you for free(phree-the accent in which the word is told ).

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Woman in You!

The woman in you
Un-hid herself, off your reflection
The tinted mirror heated,by the steam
Of purification,as drops leave your abode
Drop by drop, the self,stirs and simmers
Unto your cusp-ed drought,quenching the thirst,
Of the soil that moistens your heart, like the gray clouds,
That hang upon you,asking often
How you wish to be One
And you passionately rub of the last traces

Off your rosy cheeks, inflammable by thrust
Thud! You step down,it shan't happen
Like it has happened before..
This woman shall only rise,from
Every tremor, deceit and disguise
And not bow to the self-fed Sun
But rise along,and become the woman,
In every woman,in every man
That is often sublimed distorted,
Seek that woman,in you, Today
And you shall find yourself,
A little closer to You.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Estranged, We meet!

Estranged, we meet

Spread your wings,a little more

the boughs relentlessly call for you

Come fly, fly with me,

Beyond the shadows, beyond the seas.

Let us swim into nothingness

elope from the chaos

Let I become you, you become me,

Let us become one..

Wild and free..

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Little Voids

Little d

s p r e a d on me
like  v_o_i_d_s  of time
into distant  m
into s..t..
            r.. i..
              n.. g.. s..
let them b
their misery,
as t
    e and t       e
                 i d

take you A-w-a-Y
From Me..           o u
I s p r e a d my b.     .g 
                                     h s
h for your t o u c h
as your shadow caresses me,
a  l
    g l u s t.
And let me
p them
into s t r i n g s
i n c e s s a n t
and let them b
                      l e
                         e d
The sun shall set
Its t i m e to go, n
Come, lets w_a_l_k some more
this journey, f o r f e i t e d
yet to live and die for
again and A