Sunday, September 26, 2010

The End Tonight..

Between the trees,
In the deepest shadow,
A wolf whispers: it ends tonight.
The stars die slowly, 
Leaving the skies forever,
Killing all hope, all wishes,
Killing all the Light inside of me.
My planet is not alone,
The skies are not alone,
Light is not alone, 
I am.
Left by myself in the nest of destruction, 
Of disagreement, 
Of death.
I am the night but I was the Light.
I am death but I was life.
I am now but I was then.
It ends tonight
Because I was,
Because I’m not
But I will be.

Seeing through..

No one sees me.
No one hears me.
I'm forgotten.
Like the crayon left 
behind by a child.
Left to melt into the
backseat of their lives.
All they see is what 
they want to see.
All they hear is what 
they want to hear.
No one cares to look deeper,

The Search...

Staring into the horizon, 
The hues in the skies run wild,
The heart won't listen to reason,
Like a petulant,wilful child

The smiles don't come easily now,
they have no reason to stay,
Thoughts go down dark alleys
But they never go away

Don't really know what I'll find out there
with the roads covered in mist,
Just want to break the ties that bind me
To the world they say exists

The vacant eyes, the needless chatter
None of the things that really matter
The gloomy depths of fruitless desire
Wishing? That's playing with fire

The sun goes down with its last ray
and that brings us to the end of another day..