Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Wisdom of Death

The Mountains held the sun up high
It kissed the lake awake
Feathers of white an angel,spread
And filled up all my dreams

The look,The pray, The strange Attire
Kept me gazing along all morn
And then as sun rained down upon
Some Children young,were born

The first one sang,to a potrait alone
And asked her if she would be
The queen of greens,the lasting dust
The queen of all his melody
A Queen to never be...

The Second one travelled far and wide
And found his life in gold
He'd laugh along his men,aloud
With royalty behold!
A winter cold...

Then one next,would war a lot
A Sword would lift and fight,
The Gods in him would praise him well
And gift him ruthless pride
An Angry tide..

The sun when set,the angel smiled
He looked down as they died
All that was left was a melody,sad
with a Dying Winter's frozen tide
A Summer's cry...

The look,The pray,The strange attire
Had kept me gazing along
And when he smiled some nicer,still
was when I breathed my rest
With the Wisdom of Death..

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