Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sleeping in Her Shadow

It takes time to decipher
the quizzical geometry of her mind;
places that remain
unbuttoned in solitude.
On a good day,
you’d find a face.
Fragrances travel 
their stipulated distance to land on her,
bringing a tinge of conifer green.

She is most beautiful in silence.

Then you hear the symphony of her sorrows;
see the camouflaging colors of her smile;
the felicity with which 
little joy-shaped tears escapes the corner of her eye.
You’ve heard fables of kisses picket-fenced on her lips .
Rumours are rife about the language of her body. 
Suddenly she folds like a paper, flies like the sky.
                                   Destiny is promiscuous.
Illusion is her body double.
You're chasing life.

While I sleep,
In Her Shadow.