Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hopelessness- Palindromic Poetry

Dismal and morbid I became
Paths mine, she whenever crossed

Hers’ was sad story
Smile never; formed hers’ lips

Hers’ face defined melancholy
Pain reflected hers’ persona

Mine inside would freeze like ice
Numbed- all thoughts turned at her sight

Emptied felt I, from all thoughts then
Vaguely sensed I- vacuum

Whenever I met, hers’ blank stares
I felt complete hopelessness …..


Hopelessness complete felt I
Stares blank hers’, met I whenever

Vacuum- I sensed vaguely
Then thoughts all from; I felt emptied

Sight her at; turned thoughts all- numbed
Ice like freeze; would insides mine

Persona hers’ reflected pain
Melancholy defined; face hers’

Lips hers’ never formed smile
Story sad was hers’

Crossed whenever she, mine paths
Became I morbid and dismal….

:) Do let me know what you think of it! It is my first attempt at this. Oh, just for knowledge, Palindrome writing is a form of writing wherein certain words, phrases written can be read backwards as well! :)