Tuesday, June 14, 2011

No Goodbyes~

As you go.. I wonder.. The next time when it rains.. The next time I sip hot coffee and burn my tongue.. The next time I cross the busy roads..  Whom will I hold on to and Cry and then smile knowing that I'm being held..Who'd kiss the tears away?Who'd cradle me in his arms and take away all my fears?

Who'd hold my hand and take me through? Who'd see me dance like a child and just stand there and smile? Scold me as you wipe the extra coffee from my lips and clothes.. Your hand automatically holding mine when crossing roads..? Like a friend. Like a father.. Like my Lover?

Goodbye My Lover-James Blunt

Everyone hurts you. You just need to find the people worth that hurt. To let go of someone, who has hurt you.. But loves you too.. Is like shutting the curtains down forever because the sunlight stung your eyes once. What about the brightness and warmth?

Jiyein Kyun-Hindi--Tochi

Do you forget all the beautiful moments of togetherness and remember only the moment of distanced belonging? Not separation..or alone-ness but distanced belonging..because when two people love each other..they are always there.. with each other..

Even when you leave.. do you Really LEAVE? Or do you leave a part of yourself with the person you love? Yes, you may argue.. You do not love the person anymore..
But to my friends,I ask.. Can you STOP loving someone you once truly loved? And that "once" being just a matter of few years.. Can you?

The truth is, the person you have loved, you shall continue loving..Despite all the resistance. All the Masked Ignorance.
Reason- Hoobastank

Dear You,
Please leave if You must. But promise to get back soon. Promise that our Love was true..Is true. Tell me that everything's gonna be fine. We will fight it out. There is no You or Me..But US.. Promise me Before you Go?

No Goodbyes-Blue
I shall wait. Not for Thee. But for the honor of the Love that was, is and shall forever remain. 
No Goodbye can be good enough to mark the separation. Please. Go. But.. Don't leave.
But if you do.. Know that I shall always be grateful to you.. For even if for Once.. I was.. Truly..Madly.. Deeply Loved.
I shall try and be all that you wanted me to become. And maybe someday, Looking back at our memories.. Won't hurt you anymore.. All I'd ever want is your happiness. Believe me.

Jeena yahaan-Joker
That's all I need to know.. In a world.. where most things Come and Go.. I'll always have You.. to hold.. And that is all that I ever need to know.. You'll forever be mine?