Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In-determinate Her..

For her, dying was not mandatory,

She could knot herself to life,

And strip the skeleton of death,

To unveil its inexhaustible secret.

The mirror could see itself in her;

Whirlpools of nostalgic infinities.

She is the lock that fits every key;

The answer to all the questions.

She is as intangible as unfound ideas;

Unending time uses her as a rustle.

She is the ingenuity of impossibility;

Can turn the chaste into fornicators.

But she died thirsty upon a mirage;

The keys rusted, mirrors were broken.

She was lost to inviolable distances,

And took all life along with her.

Her posthumous days were imperfect,
Like a street without the other side,

And on the unsettled anxious dawn
Was the hint of an indeterminate her..