Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Difference between the Two Four-lettered Words.. Love and Lust

These two words have been hampering my sense of understanding ; the two often colliding and conflicting with each other. 50% of all relationships are affected by these two words: Love and Lust. People especially the Guys are confused whether they love this Girl they are totally crazy about or do they just love Making out with them and that's about it!

At first thought, this feeling itself is very very sick for the girl involved. The girl who thinks that all this long..It was her love that attracted the guy. What followed was purely abstract..blissful and magical. But for the guy, This is the first step. It is only after he has seen her skin that he can reach the heart,it seems? Not being Gender biased though.. I feel after having discussions with various men I've known around me that I feel that the difference between the two words is sharp but mild; clear but between the lines.

While there are No clear-cut differences,I must warn!... There are a few things one can find and thereby have an idea..whether their relationship is more inclined to Making out,i.e Lust or Love,regardless of the fact that you make out or not. The very pleasure of holding hands and kissing them feels orgasmic.

Because it has happened to a very close friend of mine, I thought of a few steps in order to get through with some clearness as to how one can have a vague idea about where and how their relationship is heading.

STEP 1: Pen Your Thoughts

With so much confusion, Often writing something about a particular subject bridges the mind gaps and fills the loopholes. Write about words or phrases, emotions or just about anything that you feel for the person. Thus words such as happy,butterflies,roses,movie,rain etc would pop up. Jot these down.

STEP 2: Bracket 'em Up!

Now that we have the words, we need to put them into the two categories of Love and Lust. Sex,Making out,Kiss,Body parts,Fantasies etc all come under Lust while Future,crying,making food for your love,longing, etc are all forms of Love.

STEP 3: Look for Signs!

The best way to know if it is Love or Lust is to be conscious of your feelings. More so, the feelings of your partner when you both are alone. Does he want to sit and talk about your relation and other stuff or just get the first opportunity to get down on you..

What do you feel when he holds your hands or kisses them lightly? Yes,butterflies is all right! But more than that.. Does it make you imagine how he would look Naked or does it make you imagine how much he would love you and keep you happy?
Trust me, these are things no one can answer for you.Not even him.Mindless fun is okay till a point.. what after that? You want to come back home and lie down close to someone you truly love. You just want to hold that person tight and sometimes,do nothing else. Just looking at the smile melts your heart.
Remember, Sexual intimacy is part of your love life. But without Love, there is no relationship.

To my friend,I'd say.. There comes a time when that thing of yours shall not stand high and you'd be way too tired.. All you'll yearn for is a hand to hold..the warmth to keep you happy and a kiss to glow your soul. And I'm not talking of the time when you shall grow old My friend.. It might await you only tomorrow.

Hold on to the people who love you. Who care for you. Because there is nothing greater or better than Loving a person and being Loved back.