Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Only Fools Rush In

 Fools Rush In 

A running shower could not prevent Veena Guha’s voice to spread out of her bathdoor

As she was reciting

“To me, fair friend, you never can be old,
For as you were when first your eye I eyed …”

Anindyo Pakrashi has woken up at five and is still seething with pain
Of last evening, those yelling and hurled abuses, but somehow gulps down his morning tea.



Never has she felt such happiness since, she first bought

Her pair of red Stiletto Shoes on her sixteenth birthday or may be even more,

She smiles dreamily as she puts on the light lipstick forbidden by her mother.

She has never been in love before

And all the while she continues humming Shakespeare

In a slow husky nonchalant tone. Which she does not even realizes.

She has looked into the mirror twenty three times

Since the last forty five minutes and had changed into

Five different pair of jeans. As she reveries of,

Those perfect forlorn eyes of that tall imposing man

Who versed while he talked

And could let you swim into the deepest oceans of romance

Through Keats and Shakespeare

She was sure that he too felt for her the same way

When he asked her to explain those lines to the class

and she said,” Love is immortal as it is in these lines…”

He then gave an assuring smile as if to say, just like ours dear.

And then looked back into the book as if hiding something

Maybe these emotions he had felt

after the class she hastily picked up the page which fell when he did that

thinking of it being some kind of letter

but it was some gibberish coded language she could not get

It was still precious nonetheless, being from him

She knew she had fallen for a perfect man.



Prof. Anindyo Pakrashi couldn’t recollect the faces of most of his students

He could hardly recollect anything apart from his English books

Like yesterday he had forgot to buy the grocery again

And his wife had yelled at him and all his demi poet Gods

He felt saddened and stabbed, after all where was all that love

Which had blossomed entirely due to their common love

For the written word.

Life after the death of your youth is a curse he stammered within himself.

But he wasn’t a complete fool as she made him to believe

He could recollect an exact moment where

Where he had remembered grocery in class

When a girl had explained the meaning of

“To me, fair friend, you never can be old,
For as you were when first your eye I eyed …”

And he had smiled then remembering it he knew he had even made a note of it

but after a moment looking into the book somewhere like most of his belongings

He had lost it.

He would surely buy the grocery today.

And all the while through the radio Elvis was singing,

Wise men say, 
Only fools rush in. 
But I can’t help 
Falling in love with you.”

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