Tuesday, June 21, 2011


A topic I'd been thinking of, for quite some time now.. Imagine the Life, if we may call it so..The Pain to Live seems harsher than to Surrender to Death..Hope I do not offend any one in my attempt to bring out, the ache..Of A Life, beyond the Boundaries, of Life and Death..

Death, comes visiting everyday
Arrives, stares and goes away
The frail, old body on the bed
Eyes bright, sunken in the head
Awaits, the silent footfall without dread

Death, comes visiting everyday
Goes without possessing the soul, today
The body weak, the mind still strong
Knows its time, it’s now not long
Awaits the moment, without prayer or song

Death, comes visiting everyday
Comes, goes away, even today
The body too tired to die
The mind too strong to let life just go by
Waits without waiting to say bye

Death, comes visiting everyday
And, smiles to see today
The soul screaming for death to claim
As loved ones kill life, leading spirit to death’s lane
Doing what, even death to do till now refrains.