Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just Be...

Let us just become still for one short moment, empty our mind and give ourselves a
 break to rest, allow ourselves to be in a present moment without rushing around, 
without worrying, without needing anything, without doing... Just BE...

 The Rush, sometimes enthralls me and at times, terrifies me. We are always rushing into things: Business, Relationships, Marriages, Contracts and so on. Do we stop and just look at what we do?
Everyone wants Everything.
There is No one who is satisfied with a "No-thing"!
We get into all forms of "social contracts" as is termed by Plato, Aristotle and the likes,Every single day. But there is no time to give it a thought. Because there is No time to Waste.
In fact a friend of mine smirked when I told her that I'd started blogging again. She said, It is nothing but a waste of time.
Well, everyone has a mind of their own and thus,can think differently and be right about it.

Talking about relationships, we look at a future as distant as the next 2-3 years of a college life, for instance. Isn't love meant to be For ever?
You Love in Haste. Sleep in haste. Work in Haste. And trust me, Someday soon,you will realize that your life was such a Waste!

No Kidding!

Why can't we take time off even for our own selves? What stops us? The answer lies within us. Some fear it. Some are ashamed. Rest, well, Too Busy! << Correct me If I am Wrong!>>

To wind it all up.. In the words of Emily Dickerson..

Because I could not stop for Death
He kindly stopped for me –
The Carriage held but just Ourselves
And Immortality. "