Friday, June 17, 2011

Revive The Pain.. The Rain..

Let the pain sleep now for a while,.
till heavens may send another rain,
to wake them up,
and give me a handful of silky threads
and sivery beads
to knit or weave a dream again..

Dusty sky erroded in heat,
will be patched with fragments of clouds,
then the roof may not leak,
and stain my feet with a mixture of water and mud..

Let the scars freeze now,for a while,
the dried scabs of serum underneath,
may change color in a day or two,
and the contusions may become yellowish
along with bruised and bluish memories..

Let the time to catch hold some space,
to curl around and hibernate,
till the hot and humid wind passes away
in broken layers..
The wind with holes,
Cannot cover the pallid face of a dehydrated day
With its torn veil..

Let the heat escort the sun to its grave,
beyond the steps of a twilight,
when the embers in its soul will become ,
some black and charred memories,
the night will come back
with a small lantern in its hand..

Let me sleep till then,
to wake up under a hollow sky,
with a thatched roof with tiny holes,
through which the stars will peep with single eyes
Keeping the other eye closed..

Let me sing a lullaby only for me,
in my hoarse and coarse voice,
and in lost tunes,
borrowed from the half white moon for light,
with its half face masked in darkened disguise..

Let me lose you,in this abysses of
Dessicated deprived thoughts,
to be disappeared forever,
and not to be found back again ever..