Friday, June 10, 2011

The Bridge of time

With my final year of Graduation,it is the time for tales of Goodbyes, Promises of keeping in touch..Secret desires for that one last meet before we set apart on our own journeys..Tears of Nostalgia..
After a point I really get numb. Too many feelings. For too many people.
A rush that seems awesome at the beginning- making efforts to talk to the person, telling him/her how you feel..about him/her..about the fact that he/she would be going away. Then Stop. Because you realize that there is No point. The person probably thinks you are some emotional desperate woman and thus, starts avoiding you.

And you just wonder.. what went wrong? This cluelessness further adds to the angst. To know what went wrong, and to set things right. But does that help? No. It aggravates the desire within you and on the contrary, makes the other person more cautious. But feelings are Feelings; what can One do?

Well my friend, Welcome to the land where Emotions are crushed beneath the manifold structures of Ambitions, Money, Power and Freedom. Emotions then become nothing but clutches. A weakness more than  strength.
People love being termed Practical rather than Emotional. The Emotional kinds are those who stick into corners, listen to soppy songs and day dream, wear black nail paint and stare at the world,lone and lost.
Character Assassination I say!

The truth is that the world is lost in the maze of thoughts. Whirling and winding. Even then they rush past each other. And yet they are too swift to take a look at what goes by. Too Fast,Too Furious.

Friends.. Best Friends.. Lovers.. Classmates..Acquaintances.. All clubbed into one category : People I once knew.
All move swiftly. Away. And I just stand here and wonder.. When will they stop? When will they realise what they are losing.. Would they know how much I love them.. Or would the guilt hurt too much for them to turn back and say Hi again..

Why can't I stop them? Why can't I? Then I ask myself.. Why.. Can't I? No..I guess, I cannot. Just because they mean so much to you,does not imply the same story on their side..does it? You cannot make someone love you/ Care for you? You can just simply Love and hope nothing. Maybe a little that They would.. Someday love you back.
And with that ..they snatch their hands away.. Bade goodbye and cross the bridge. The Bridge of Time. Let us see if they shall cross over to my end of the bridge or not.. If I shall be missed or not.. The Bridge if Time.. shall reveal. Sooner or Later.