Saturday, June 18, 2011


With that last smile which we exchanged
though,with a wry in our hearts
when we waved our hands to bid adieu
knowing its going to be the final separation this time
we both sealed our lips,as we acknowledged
that words wont suffice the requirements of feelings
there was no conversation ,i remember
we both were busy recollecting
the memories of the time we had spent together
like dry fallen autumn leaves
withered and pale ;often get blown away
with the moving wind,to a new place
I still remember.
that expression of calmness and tranquility
which was serving the purpose of a mask
to hide that Storm of thoughts
running across both our minds
how could we let it happen??
why we couldn't do any thing to prevent it??
silence,...eternal silence was the only answer we were left with
we both knew and to an extent had develop acceptance
for;that we are going to be strangers from very next moment
'i'and 'you',realized that
the word "we" has lost its identity
what all left, was just you and me
we still see each other
with the shield of awkwardness over our vision,
we do read each other,express our pain but we know
things wont be back

it could never be the same
as now we know...
Its over...