Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Ground Between Trees

What do we look for?

There is the ground and there are the trees,

Erupting themselves, or being dragged, dragged by the sky

Some owned, some orphaned

The ages of their leaves are sprightly

While the truth is in the

Confusing, patternless tunnels of the bark.

The bark, that stands,

That bends, that sometimes never really rises,

As if in genuine hatred of itself

The bark and the silent ground between trees

That is where our feet must be

Soil filling the spaces of our soles-

Pressing and secretly conveying

The sadness of leaves.

This is for a competition  organised by HP LaserJet and Indiblogger on the theme of Color- To dream of the "ground" as black and to then rust it with the Trees..some ivory and some gold.. Brings a melancholy of colors..playing with each other..blending with vengeance!