Sunday, June 12, 2011

I found Happiness.. But..

It is funny how talking to a few positive people ..who just hours before were complete strangers to me.. Can make me so Happy.
Happiness has become a need,for the thirsty soul. But where to find it?
The answer lies within ourselves. We build the wall around..brick by brick and seal it properly with cemented beliefs..
I wish we took this opportunity to give life a second chance.. To give Love.. A second chance..
To Love ourselves for what we are.
For if you do not love your own self, How will anyone else Love you back?
Well, that explains why.. I feel so Low..doesn't it?

But just hours back.. I met a few people,it felt so good just to have them around.
Its surprising how I found myself back, through them.
They Love me. They believe me.
But will they go back too?

Will the story come back to where it'd stopped?
Or will Life give me a second chance again??

...But the struggles make me stronger, and the changes make me wise & happiness has its own way of taking its sweet time...