Saturday, June 11, 2011

To Change, or Not to.

When we are NO longer able to CHANGE a situation... WE are CHALLENGED to CHANGE ourselves. ♥ Viktor Frankl ♥

John Lennon-Imagine

A feeling, almost all of us have experienced every now and then in our lives. in other terms we may also call ourselves Powerless..To be who we are. Or to challenge what we refuse to accept. The world seems like a tide of wave approaching us and we start Running, turning around at times to find it even more swift and dangerous. Overpowering our own strengths.churning them into Ambiguities.

Nelly Furtado- Powerless

What does one tend to do then? Change.
Change becomes a plausible answer then. The world has a problem with You, being You. So the problem has to have a solution within You. The solution being.. Change.

They say, Change is the only constant thing Life offers. But isn't change a Misnomer, for being a constant, as Change itself keeps changing.
How can changing be a solution, I ask?

I read a superb blog today. The author, also talks of how people term him emotion-less, brain-less, use-less, strength-less and so on.. it makes you wonder is you seriously can have so many "less"es within you!

Because we are vying for just that one thing we cannot get- Could be in the form of a Lover,Friend ,Business deal... just about anything!
You feel terrible about the way you think, look, smell and behave. You slowly start hating the unique characteristics that made you.. YOU! You now want to change everything good about you, why? Just because the  world fails to accept you!

That is like Killing your self-emotionally and spiritually. What would all the flesh and bones do alone? What is left of you?

I feel, Self- Acceptance is a life-long journey. The best thing to do is to understand the person that lies Within you! Accept that, and trust me, The journey then will be far more uplifting--socially emotionally and spiritually. Every step, would then seem like an achievement. If you believe in yourself. The world will be hallucinated to believe in you. The power has to come from within. Face the tide. Let it take you places. Fear not, the tide but the Fear itself. It should not ever cease you to Believe. In yourself. And the Universe. The Universe shall protect you.

But like Sathya Sai Baba once said-- God helps only those, who help themselves.
Go one step. He will help you with the next. Trust is your strength.
Believe me.