Friday, June 3, 2011

That Girl was Me...

Then suddenly out of the blue
A ray of hope came
She couldn't do anything
But sit there and gape
She found a friend
To walk with her miles
She didn't know that She was being taught
The sweetest curve - Smile
But alas! Fate struck her like lightening
Her happiness was burnt to ash
She broke down again
Like a human on the hit of a lash
Now She understood the meaning of a promise
But She had to pay the cost for it
She knew what she did was wrong
And that it was too late for it
She sat alone
Standing in the lore
On the way
Down that long winding road
Now she had lost all her hope
She knew things would not change on there own
So She took the first step
Said sorry and waited for the sign to go ahead
Though no sign came, She is positive
No matter how long be it
She knows the good things in life
And how to survive in this strife
She would always have a welcoming note
For the happy moments ever & ever
She knows that She would be led to her happiness
Sometime but not never
I sit back and take a look at her life
It's bad and thats natural, you see
Because after reaching here you must have guessed
That, That Lonely Girl Was Me...