Friday, September 25, 2015

One Rank, One Pension (OROP), What's your problem, Chetan?

Chetan v/s Bhaavna
Head v/s heart
Disagreeable v/s lovely
Govt v/s Veterans
And the subject becomes a personal war with two authors ....

This is what we saw trending today on Twitter and views still remain polarized on #OROP.

Many who participated in the war didn't even know the actual full form of #OROP and as they say little knowledge is dangerous.

According to Bhaavna Arora (author of Mistress of Honour and the deliberate Sinner), it is dangerous to the National Security of India for which she gives an excellent explanation in her blog
But on the other side Chetan Bhagat terms it as a burden on the Government.
National Security and National administration are two different terms and need to be understood in detail for the well being of a nation.
While Bhaavna is a fourth generation Army kid who may have all her heart with OROP, she gives quite valid reasons for OROP to be implemented.
She gives away her royalties from all her heart for #OROP where Chetan Bhagat must be counting every single paisa of his earnings from that article.
Soldier of Today is a veteran of tomorrow and so is Chetan Bhagat's father, who according to some sources openly announced at Jantar Mantar that his son has faltered. In such a situation doesn't he need to apologize to the veterans of the country?

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