Wednesday, September 14, 2011

You Didn't Love Her.

So much in love,
you were blinded by her sight
But you whipped off her memories in a go
as you bade everyone Goodbye.

I'd heard too much, too long
of how madly you loved her
that a day without her, would go astray
to see her once, each day you'd pray!

You called her, your God-your faith
so much trust you had in her
then where did it all go,
in the prophecy of the Judgement Day?

Love is selfless, as selfish it can be
To make is to take,
To Lie and to fake
and yet,we love, we hurt, we love again.

But to call your love, Love
would not be so right
You didn't love her.
You don't destroy people you love.


  1. Hi Priyanka,this is my first visit here.Luvly poem- luv each word of it.Thanks for sharing.

  2. beautifully penned down.

    keep writing!

  3. "To make is to take,To Lie and to fake" awesome lines.. :)

    You won't believe it, but seriously broke into tears due to personal reasons...

    Very Realistic..
    Keep writing.

  4. Nice one priyanka.. beautiful and touching....

  5. Beautiful verses and guess what? We've got same blog template. :P

  6. This has taken my breath away. We sure don't destroy people we love. You speak my mind.


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