Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Shadow of Silence

I took a stroll across the street 
Alone was I, as was the deserted path
Along which I treaded, ivory rocks and mellow grass
In search of questions I wished to ask.

There I met Shadow, after the second lane
she was fearful, but eyed me discreetly
I stepped closer, she hid herself in her cloak some more
I wished to see her face, her pale blue eyes, more clearly.

She was the shadow of silence,
who was finding her way around
I asked if I could help,
she laughed, Could I? she asked again.

Her smirk took me off guard
I looked angrily at her face
Why do you doubt, I shot back
She eyes softened, but the humor did not elapse.

She held my hand and shook it slightly,
And felt my veins and my fingers
Looked at them as if reading my life in the lines
Then jerked off my palms, as if they were flawed.

She took a step back, I must go, she said.
No, you must wait, I need to know you well.
I protested. But she had started to walk
I went behind her, I knew I needed to talk.

She stopped, and looked back at me
Her eyes, now steel blue, shot anger
It scared me, and I stood, stunned
As she put her hand upon my heart.

She smiled, I know you now she said
Why do you fear, you are Mine.
I could not make sense, I asked her what she meant
She cupped my chin and hugged me tight, in reply.

And then she hurried again, and I followed,
and a sudden splash of water, with a gasp I swallowed.
I got up, from the ground, amidst the road I'd fallen
It had begun to rain and the birds were calling the young ones home.

Was it a dream, a fantasy..I may never know,
she was the shadow of silence, that was for sure.
I know not, which road I'd travelled
I cannot go back, but only follow from where she'd left.

I shall speak Silence, breath the nothingness of the air
Be with my own, in her own way
I am hers, as she is mine, she'd said.
And all of a sudden, it all makes Sense.


  1. yes it all makes sense..the shadow of that silence and you :)
    very beautifully penned...felt like i could hum it as a song!


  2. very nice and poignant


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