Sunday, September 11, 2011


It is too dark in here, she gasped
my hands are tied, it seems
nestled amongst the tuscan webs
She began chanting-
I need to be Free,
I need to be free.

Titillating eyes, now filled with tears
her skin now a filthy brown,
The end now seemed so near
As she began chanting-
I need to be free
I need to be free.

She flung her arms,
that one last try, before she gave up
and there, it cracked, the shell of vengeance
Out she fled, her arms, now wings
She flew across, as she chanted

I am free.
I am.


  1. Beautiful....flight of freedom.

  2. outside our cocoon of secured bliss remains a whole world to explore. you explore them poetically through your words. Awesome piece


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