Sunday, September 4, 2011

Why to Why Not!

I would like you all to humour me tonight. Read the post below but while you are doing so I want you to reflect on your OWN life, your OWN experiences…..If even ONE of the things on the list below apply to your life, either in your past or in your NOW, then I want you to either share this post or comment below….there is a reason for this request.

Have you ever OR are you now;-

Been in some kind of accident? Suffered from serious disease or illness?
Lost a parent Lost a sibling? Lost a partner?
Been bullied? Been raped or sexually assaulted? Loved and Lost?
Been the “other woman/man”? Been cheated on?
Lost a limb? Been dismissed from a job?
Felt left out? Been so lonely you thought you would die?
Had suicidal thoughts? Self harmed?? Suffered from an eating disorder?
Had problems with drugs/ alcohol? Lost a child?
Been destitute? Been lied to? Been wrongfully accused of something?
Been so afraid/sacred/lonely? Felt you had no one to turn to?
Been in a dangerous situation with no means of escape?
Been in a controlling relationship? Been stuck in a job you detest?
Suffered from depression/anxiety? Had no self esteem?
Lacked strength and courage? Been scared to ask for help?
Turned a blind eye to something, been to afraid to step in?
Felt dirty, ashamed, guilty for things that happened im your life?

The list could go on and on….. But its long enough to get my point across.

Like I said above, if you can relate to even ONE of these things in your life at any given point, share this post or comment…….. Then I want you to come back and look at this very same post in a little while and see how many other people have shared or commented on this post. The reason for this is that it will show us all that no matter how bad things are at any given time, we are not alone. Things happen in all our lives and we all think “ why me?”, or “ I cant do this anymore”, at the time it’s the worst possible thing you could ever comprehend happening to you, you cant go on, your life is over, things like that only happen to other people!

Well guess what?
Yes, it was an awful thing that happened to you,
Yes it was something that you would not wish on your worst enemy
Yes, it probably did feel at the time like your life was over.
Yes, you probably never thought you would get through it.

But guess what else?
You just read and “liked” my post

Which means that ,as awful as it was………
You DID survive,
you DID get through it to tell the tale.
You DID pick up the pieces and are moving on


Now imagine all of you who read this post, standing together, linked arm in arm and how far that chain would spread ( remember also the ones who read and were to afraid to share)……..for everyone one of us who thought, at the time, that we were so alone, the only ones going through this, no one else will understand………… the left and right of you is someone who thought the exact same thing.

We are never truly alone, there is always someone there to support, whether it be someone you already know or whether you need to make a change in your life that brings people into it even if you have to reach out should the offer not be made. When you see someone down or struggling, don’t simply ignore their sorrow as you have enough of your own problems to deal with. Reach out, you never know when you may be the one looking for a hand. The person in that chain to your left or right wo has also “been there” can be the very person who helps you up, or they could be the person to whom you become their hero.

None of us are truly alone, let people help you….and help someone else. We can ALL be the difference this world needs, it has to start somewhere, why not here?

Love and light to you all….. ♥