Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Bloom

I silently acknowledge my chastity
with gasps of pleasure
striking like a pendulum, I breathe
Let me in, Let me in, you sing to me.

Your arms build around me
serpentine walls of melancholic tenderness
as I drink the intoxicating wine
of passion and a bond, beyond space and time.

Entrenched sighs of tunneled passages
vine in between the veils of my soul
some twist, some turn and roll
while I close my eyes, deep into your enchanted smile.

O! Love, why do you need me so
I need you, I need you more
It is you, who fills me up,
an otherwise empty whole.

All fantasies come to an end
I reciprocate with silent urges and pleasant caresses
while you deflower me, little by little
into a naked thought,crafted for your words.

And you write me, your finger strokes like feather
touch me like a melancholic verse
and I let out, the last sigh
As I become yours, and
You become Mine.


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