Thursday, September 8, 2011

If Tomorrow Never Comes..

This is to pay homage to the victims of the blast on the 7th of September, 2011
at the Delhi High Court, where 11 died and 30 were injured.
May you Rest in Peace.
It is utterly disturbing to be a silent witness to such events in a place that boasts to be the National Capital. And that too, at the entrance gate of the Delhi High Court! Feels like a Tight slap by these terrorists on the entire system and like a tragic comedy upon us, citizens who pay taxes..who pay these corrupt officials their salaries and then at the end of it all, we are the ones who Die while these people get all the security and aid!
The loss cannot be overlooked. It is deeply painful- and all we can do is Pray. For the bereaved family. I here, write about this young girl, who takes everything in her life for granted..Until one Wednesday...

Just another morning brunch was laid,
and another round of miffs had begun,
I was in a mood to give it back,
So I sat down with a sulking face waiting for it to come.

Soon he shot out, Mishti, we need to talk.
and I knew he meant about last night.
I was ready with my arrogant reply,
It is none of your business, Dad.

He was stunned, I knew the look
I had managed to hurt him, the guilt rose.
He cleared his untouched plate, went towards the door
I wanted to apologise, but my pride was too coarse.

Before he left, he looked at me with a sad smile
Have a good day, Mish.., Be good my princess
Haughtily, I ignored his words, as I applied some gloss
I should also rush, I have a bus to catch!

I bunked my college, went for a movie,
laughing along I walked towards India Gate
A big group had crowded up around the High court
we all wondered, as we went towards another road.

Hey wait, did I see my Dad's scooter parked?
No, it couldn't be him, he had nothing to do at the Court!
I told myself to calm down, maybe it was the morning scene
that made me think about him too much.

I decided on my way back, I shall apologise
To hurt him, was never my intent
But I managed to do it, every single time.
I would be his little princess, his pride.

Instead of the usual fiasco at my den,
I was greeted by my wailing mother
who grabbed me tight and kept on crying,
I was too stunned to react, for a while.

What's wrong Mom, why are you crying?
I looked around, I searched for dad
But couldn't find him around.
"He isn't back yet, what if he was there in the Court."

I could not reply to my mother
I tried his number, thrice.
Failed attempts and anxiety took us over,
What happened to dad? What if..

The blast reports shook the entire city
News channels flashing the terror aloud.
10 dead, 30 injured, the numbers may rise
the words echoed around.

I bent on my knees, I'd seen his scooter
What if it was him, what if..
I had to tell him, I am sorry and hug him tight
I wanted to be his princess, and promise him,
perhaps, a thousand more lies.
But I had to have him around, to fight to cry
To be the person I am, I needed him too bad.
I cannot lose him, not now, not ever.

The door opened, and I screamed out loud,
Daddy, you're okay! Oh! Daddy, I sobbed in pain.
He took me into his arms, and cradled me like a child
I am fine my princess, I am fine.

What took you so long daddy? Were you there at the Court?
Yes, he said, I was, trying to help the victims and the old.
He was passing by, when he saw the chaos
and he got down to help, what a gentleman my daddy was!

I felt so proud of him, that stance
and apologised to him at once.
I hugged him tight, and tears flowed by,
as I thought of them who had lost their daddies tonight.

What would the wives do, who'd lost their love
the mothers who were awaiting for their sons and daughters
who'd never come back to hug them tight
and tell them how much they loved, how much they cared.

I learnt a lesson, well tonight
Happiness comes from our own,
we should preserve them, hold them tight
For what if Tomorrow never comes..


  1. very nice. always touches my heart

  2. Heart wrenching and touching poem. You wrote it brilliantly dear...

  3. Thank you guys!

    :) I am glad it reached out!

  4. wow!
    you are an amazing person Priyanka
    lots love
    and best wishes

  5. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for such wonderful words..and they lies in the eyes of the beholder..
    It is your grace and virtue that you identify me as good too!

    Thank you again!
    It feels great! Really~!


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