Sunday, September 18, 2011


The hues of a certain misty blue
paint my mind, as I begin to think of you
The crevasses of a shade too gray
now hang loosely across my window-pane.

I can feel you around, like the painted sky
You blow like the breeze, kissing my lips
I let my hair loose, as you sprinkle some dew drops
as the moon dances on my shadowy fingertips.

I cannot sleep, amidst this cacophonous veneration
desires crawl unto me, like frozen snow bites
as I stare into the heavens, eyes search for your halo,
and All of a sudden, I see a shimmering light.

You caress my neck, and I let out,
gentle sighs off my heavy bosom
To have this taste of fulfilment
do all the Chrysanthemums blossom?

My eyes now close, as the sighs dim into twilight
As your satyric arms clench my bequeathed mind,
I know you'll be gone soon, and yet for tonight,
Let me be yours,
Let me be Colorblind.