Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Eyes Still Burn

The eyes burn of a distant smoke
of the left over ashes of a memory, bygone
Fire put off by the waves of plunder
Done by words of a cold, cold heart.

Put fire to the stove,
the entire village was burnt..
It has now been days,
since the fire was raised, raised again.

Only after the tear drops were smothered
that the stench of the smoke was felt
Some hidden memories, came along a fenced window
and faded away, on a second thought, thoughts forlorn.

In the tides of reflections, once ashore
Now tumult in a nature, yet unexplored
The burning eyes, red with the stench,
still keep searching, the search goes on.

Questions arise out of nowhere,
answering the doubts of this lifeless village,
Why do these eyes still burn
when the rain has long, long gone..


  1. The thoughts in this poem are so profound. Beautifully expressed and I love the last paragraph...

  2. Thank you S.S!

    Keep liking my writing and i'll keep on writing!


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