Thursday, September 15, 2011

That Day My Father.. Died

I hugged him tight
To take away his pain,
He'd suffered too much,
Done too much, in vain.

The stench of scotch, stung me
As he held me too tightly
Ouch, i cringed with sudden fear
His hug felt different, as he came nearer.
Daddy, what's wrong with you?
I shouted a little aloud
And he shot his angry eyes
Hungry eyes, sparkled in the dark.
I couldn't breathe anymore,
His lips were on mine,
As he unbuttoned my frock,
One by one.
I stood in shock, unable to flee
Tears flashed in my eyes, maybe even a silent cry
Where would I go, what could I do,
I wondered, as he tore away my clothes.
Daddy, please stop, this isn't right
Hush, my dear he said,
Mommy's not here anymore to fight
With that he gurgled with sneer
Horrified at his state, I froze with fear..
And as he shook me out
He took my insides,
Parted my innocence, with his manly novice..
He plundered me,
To his last delight..
That day,
That day my Father died.

This is purely a work of fiction. I have the world's best daddy ever n i love him! A lot!
Thank you.


  1. Such men don't even deserve to be called Dads ~ they're just DEMONS !!

  2. Speechless. Yeah, we have plenty of dads like these in the society.

  3. This one is really high on awakening post. People like them have blackened the image of father. This is the dark truth of today's society. They don't even deserve to be called 'humans'

  4. very nice poem i am shocked how can a father do like this

  5. Incest!!! One of the oldest of social evils. The issue that was not even murmurred until yesterday. Thank God, daughters and sisters and nieces like you exist. Your poem has a great literary and social value. Well done dearie.


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