Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bruised- 9/11 A remembrance

I am not dead,
I live to tell the story
Of a survived victim
of a past, in remembrance.

A decade of picking up the broken pieces
of his last call,that I missed
the untouched cake I had made for him
all now lost, left to a yesterday of my life.

Dad, will you forgive me
it was me who insisted that you go off to work,
Will you come back once to wish me luck
I have a test tomorrow.
It hurts, it still does
to recall the last reverences
when we last touched, as you undid my chastity
I still await my goodbye kiss, my love,
weren't we meant to be?

What would I tell Henry when he grows up
except how Brave his father had been
But how do I let anyone else take your place
and yet, not let him feel your loss too?
Tell me, How!

And thousand other stories follow
into a dark ebb off silence
as they drench into the depth of blood and tears
hoping to attain justice, one day.

The hurried last calls to dear ones
The cries, the fears
transcending thoughts of a future together

all now turned to broken pieces of glass
      shreds of flesh and smokes of ashes, aglow.

All dreams, now a faded memory
the shudders still alive, like an echoing fear
time cannot heal this pain,
it shall come back, the 11th of September, every year..
like a nightmare,an exhaled breath..
It shall make its presence felt,
In more than a thousand ways..

My tribute to all those who lost their lives in the Twin-tower attacks on the 11th of September, ten years back. The pain can never lessen, of the bereaved ones but I can only pray for them.
And if this comes across to any of them,
then I want to apologise for the inhumanity my race has brought into their lives..and I pray for You..May you find Peace.

May all the victims rest in Peace O Lord.