Sunday, September 4, 2011

How I Wish!

Rest In Peace Kinshuk..I miss You.

Your photo stands in pride of place,
A lovely smile lights up your face,
You always seem to be so near,
How I wish, my friend
You were still here.

How I wish we still pulled legs
and spoke of our careers and interests
Your hug, how it disbalanced me
and yet, gave me the strength to take it all.

How I wish, you'd sing to me,
the old romantic lullabies
of sleepless nights and forests and skies,
as I would hum along by your side.

Oh! How I wish, this day won't come
as I sail through my life,
years would pass, without your presence
I cannot imagine though, How!

How I wish, I could return you to your parents
I could bring you back from God
They needed an angel, took the best away
And see, what a gem I have lost!
How I wish,
I wish!

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