Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Gift..I did not want..

I am afraid, what if you kill Mommy
and if God takes her away from me
What would I tell Granny,
How would Daddy take care of me alone?

Mommy loves you so much already,
and she takes good care of you
What if she forgets me,
I was her best till now, would I still be?

I fear the tomorrow, when you will arrive
and I would have to become the elder one
What if I am not small anymore,
would they still love me, like they did?

Mommy screamed with pain, tears in her eyes
and Oh I hated you so much
her sorrow teared my heart inside,
I wish I could take you far away from her.

They took her away, I screamed out,Mommy
Dad held my trembling hands, I now knew Fear.
He told me to pray, and that God would help me
I told him, to kill you, I hated you too much.

Hours passed by, I fell asleep with tear-strewn eyes
and I woke up to a crowded outburst, startled by the din.
People were crying, rushing, no one saw me,
As I struggled to find Daddy, where would he be?

There he took me into his arms,
I felt a shudder, What if Mommy..
No, she couldn't, I needed her, I'd told God
What if she was gone, forever?

Gently, he stroked my hair and led me in,
I crept into his chest, I didn't wish to open my eyes ever.
Daddy cajouled me as he asked me to look around,
with fearful eyes, I stood on the ground.

Mommy smiled, as she took me in her arms,
I knew I had found what I needed the most
Wasn't I glad,she was alright..
And then she guided me to you..

Those pretty black eyes, sparkled like molten gold
I saw your little fingers,as they clasped my thumb.
And I trembled at your touch, it seemed like a hot rush
and it warmed me up that cold February night.

I'd wanted God to take you away,
how mean could I be, I wondered.
And as I thought, you smiled at me
And that was the most precious thing, I ever saw.