Saturday, September 10, 2011

Can you.. Die?

Dear You,
Before you read this..
I wish to tell you something. There are to sets of people who'll read this.
First those, who have a scarred past and who cannot move ahead for one or the other reason.
Second those, who have a scarred past but it doesn't restrict them to the moments they can and tomorrow.
I once read a quote, Why be just about anybody..Be a Unique.
To that I'd say..
there are approximately 7 billion people existing..and if each wants to become a unique..then there are 7 billion unique people around..which ultimately makes them..All The Same!
That is it. Live each day as it comes.Plan, but not too much. But make sure that when they plan your funeral.. it must be a good one, the one that reflects a true sense of Loss!Till then, Live.Celebrate Life.. its miseries..and its fantasies..
Hope this reaches to all those who are looking..for That One Good Reason!

You wish to live a life of Misery
blemish it with thoughts of a revered past
Scrape today's plan for a Yesterday's scowl
Now you lament, yet another wasted moment.

What use is this life
when you already wish you die
why do you live, still
why pretend at all, inside?

Time is running out,
a decision must be made in haste
So you choose to crawl into a bounded shell
Move around its edges, is that your best?

Go ahead, finish it up..
for you do not care for no one else
but for your own hurt ego and selfish pride
ever wondered about other's pain and sorrow?

You promise of unending tales of companionship
and break them away at your pace and nerve
The heart was broken, trust misplaced
I know it is difficult, but at least give it a try!

It is your mood, that determines your behaviour
Oh what a pity! is all you wish to hear
Grow up, the world expects more,
if you cannot give it , then let it go.

Let It Go..
Can you

And if you  cannot,
Then learn to live
like the rain drops that scatter
from the leaf to the ground,
Sprinkle some happiness around.

Just before you die..
let your absence speak for you
and you shall be heard,
like the story of the Boy who Lived.


  1. Suddenly from the gloomy Sunday.... to the note you wrote.... just an opposite. from suicide to a life...yeah.... One Life is all we get.. :)

  2. SuperlikeSuperlike


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