Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Two Teardrops

Two drops were floating in a river. Both moist, sad and destructed had lost their identities and were just flowing across.

Then they saw a cliff and knew it was their end. They moved closer towards each other.

One drop looked at the other's grim face and asked, " I am the tear drop of a girl who loved a man and lost him. She cried only one drop, and quickly stopped herself when I reminded her of the man's vow that each drop from her eyes would lessen his life too. Who are you? "

The other drop replied," I am the teardrop of the man, who regrets letting that girl go.."

They slowly reach the edge of the river and coalesced into each other and were united, Forever.

Sometimes we do not realize that this is it.. We may never meet again.
We waste so much time. Fighting over things that only spoil relationships.
And we fail to realize, until its too late.
But tomorrow never comes. It is Today.This moment- Now. or Never.