Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Two Teardrops

Two drops were floating in a river. Both moist, sad and destructed had lost their identities and were just flowing across.

Then they saw a cliff and knew it was their end. They moved closer towards each other.

One drop looked at the other's grim face and asked, " I am the tear drop of a girl who loved a man and lost him. She cried only one drop, and quickly stopped herself when I reminded her of the man's vow that each drop from her eyes would lessen his life too. Who are you? "

The other drop replied," I am the teardrop of the man, who regrets letting that girl go.."

They slowly reach the edge of the river and coalesced into each other and were united, Forever.

Sometimes we do not realize that this is it.. We may never meet again.
We waste so much time. Fighting over things that only spoil relationships.
And we fail to realize, until its too late.
But tomorrow never comes. It is Today.This moment- Now. or Never.


  1. WOW that is beautiful

  2. Glad you liked it! Do keep reading!

  3. Very beautiful post Priyanka. Atleast their tears died together. :)

  4. I love it.. love your perspective !

  5. I love your perspective.. beautiful !

  6. it takes a minute to decide and ages to imply.... still thinking why she gone when everything was fine.... still counting those coins we bought together to play sm games thought we will come some other day to play.... day never come. still having that metro pass she used to left for me.. saying will take it next time. still looking at all those places we used to go. that corner table at rajiv chowk metro station ccd, that side table at nirula's. wimpy's on outer circle. those stairs goes towards central park.. mg road metro station lift area, mall pvr, food court, game launge, auto no.1120. nothing is gettin fade for a single sec........... but doesnt matters now

  7. wonderfully expressed!

  8. Priyanka, I don't know why you need my comments because I always stand in awe of such wonderful writing from one so young in years.
    Poetically, this is perfact.
    The images you paint on the blank canvas of my mind's eye are crystal clear.
    The emotional content is extremely high.


  9. "Lover".. :) They were united.. by Life.. even when they were close to their end.. Shows positivity? Tried my best to not sound otherwise.. :)

  10. Gaurav.. I know exactly what you are talkin of.. But remember..It is a Habit.. A HABIT...

    And for a better life..we need much more than that!

  11. Mittu di..
    Thank you so much for having a look! :) do look around..Like I said, you'll find many more that you'd like!

  12. Pat..
    Never ever say that again!
    You inspire me.
    i need you..and your comments for ever!
    I mean it!

  13. Sireesha..

    Thankyou for appreciating my work!

  14. As always your writing moves me! I am so happy I have gotten the chance to get to know you and enjoy your beautiful talent for words. You are amazing dear! :)

  15. so sweet........ u always write wid excelence........

  16. Mamuni I see a potential big time writer in u. Keep writing and God bless u.

  17. Stacey..thank you..I love you Do keep reading!

  18. well done......
    keep up d gr8 work...god bless

  19. Unique & poignant piece of writing:)


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