Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Art of Nothingness

I have been listening to Bruno Mars telling me that he is too lazy to do anything..And I so totally could agree with him!  Why do we need to do something all the time? Why can't we be happy with Nothingness? I have been asked a million times and over about how I manage to do Nothing.
Well, it is really simple. You just Don't Do Anything~ and conversely you end up doing Nothing!
People smirk when they ask me, What's Up and I tell them, Nothing.
But why!
One doesn't realize that it takes a lot of effort to jut fold your arms, lay back and make a conscious decision Not to do anything. They ask me, why would you waste your time and efforts in not doing something when you can do so many things?

No wonder why they then keep grumbling about why they don't have a happy life, why they cannot do the things they want to do and the person they once wanted to be. Because, once in a while we must Not to anything at all, to figure out what we can actually do, and which would make the most sense to us. And trust me, when we get to do that, we are Happy. Contended.

Because for once, we aren't part of the gigantic unison of the Rat race but rather in terms with our own selves. Like Kung-fu Panda tells us, Inner Peace. We can go looking for it, anywhere in the world and do anything to find it, but it comes only when we surrender, when we give up the resistance. We find that peace only when we stop looking at ourselves like the decked-up mannequins that hang in a museum or a fashion outlet and instead look at ourselves as the person we are..With all the flesh blood and most importantly, emotions.


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