Saturday, July 23, 2011

Feel The Pain.To Grow.Again

All communication problems are due to the reason that we don't listen to understand. We listen only to reply!

We tend to fall in love the same way we get sick; without wanting to, without believing it, against our will & unable to defend ourselves. and then we lose love exactly the same way. 

But do actually lose anything? No. We only Gain.
The love we show to others is just a reflection of the love within us. Our soul is like a vessel, filled with ever flowing Love. It is only when there is too much love that we witness the Pain.. The Pain of Overflow.

This pain is nothing but a warning. To spread it, some more. Don't feel beaten by the pain but swell it harder to reach another broken heart or a hand stretched 
out for help. One Act can cause all the difference My friends.

Feel the Pain.To grow Again.